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red eyes after morning shower?

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  • red eyes after morning shower?

    been battling this dry eye condition for about a year now. & recently diagnosed with MGD. been on restasis for about 4 months and azasite for about 3 weeks. since starting the azasite have been marginally better with slightly more good days than bad.

    however, my eyes, particularly my right eye (which has a Jones tube and a history of herpetic infections), get really red and irritated in the morning after showering. they tend to calm down toward lunch and then it's a mixed bag after that and through the end of the day. also noticed that if I wake up in the middle of the night, my right eye feels incredibly dry, but doesn't really look irritated. then they both are pretty stable when I wake, until after I shower. I drop restasis about an hour before the shower. such erratic stuff.

    what do y'all say? thoughts? ideas? similar situations?

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    It is possible that whilst having a shower that you get water in your eye.

    I found this combined with already unstable tear film resulted in red eyes.

    Some have posted that putting a drop in your eyes prior to showers may help with this.

    I found that Restasis only made my redness worse but everyone reacts to it differently.

    I wish you well in finding a solution. you may find others here have had a similar experience and if you may find it useful to search some of the forums using the search facility.


    "Every day is a good day, some are just better than others"


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      I agree with Prattstar. Your local water supply may very well have chlorine in it and that could be irritating your eyes, not to mention the soap and shampoo that you are using. Try putting in drops as you get into the shower and again as soon as you get out.
      Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.


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        I usually do drops (Refresh Plus or whatever) before the shower, then after my shower, I do my Restasis. During the shower, I use the eyelid scrub every other time or so, then rinse my eyes with Unisol PF Saline. Then I get out of the shower, my eyes often times look red, I instill the Restasis and my eyes look much more clear right away.


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          well, took my shower 1.5 hours earlier than normal and everything seemed to go okay. however my right eye still turned really red at about the same time it normally does. which today, was roughly an hour after the shower. weird.

          does MGD usually present irritation in the morning or afternoon? thinking this morning redness/irritation has got to be a result of; -MGD, -my DES in a general way, -or reaction to restasis?

          this weekend I'll try putting off the morning shower to see what happens.