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Blocked oil glands

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  • Blocked oil glands

    My right eye started to get uncomfortable when I blinked. It felt like something underneath the lid....but not the usual dry eye foreign body thing. I also noticed a bump on my upper eye lid. So, I went to the doc who tells me I have several blocked oil glands.
    Now this surprises me. I never had this before, and I do the warm compresses/massages every morning. Religiously. And sometimes in the evening, too.
    Why would they be getting blocked? About all the doc could say was to do the compresses/massages more often and really work the upper lid. She mentioned doxy if it didn't clear up, but I hesitate to take this as I get other problems with such drugs.
    And if you do use the doxy, will using it only for a couple weeks really help? Or will they continue to get blocked?
    My eyes look good, no crud, lashes look fine. My doc did say that she has all of a sudden seen several people in the last couple weeks with this problem. She wondered if it was allergy related or seasonal???

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    I used Doxycycline and FLM three months before I noticed any change. As I understand it, you can take a pill, or have it compounded into a drop. Drops avoid any systemic side-effects. I get drops from Leiter's. They put it on ice and next day air it to you. The drops last three weeks in the frig as the stuff slowly loses it's potency. Stings sometimes when it's put in, but nothing like starting Restasis.

    As I understand, allergies can also result in GPC. I've had GPC, though not severely, and it was like having a grain of sand sliding under the lid when I blinked. Probably not that bad, but not much fun either.


    The "Clinical Pearls" section of the above link states:

    Patients with allergic symptoms often have dry eyes as their primary problem.
    --Make sure to rule out tear deficiency in chronic GPC conditions.
    --When topical steroids are required, you can typically prescribe them four and six times a day for up to seven days to achieve control and then taper off.

    So...did your doc rule out GPC? The doc needs to evert your lids to check.



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      Did your doc describe your blocked ducts as chalazions? I had one once when I was younger...eighth grade maybe. I'd never had an eye problems whatsoever until that. It was big and ugly and needed to be removed surgically. As I understood it, it was a clogged gland that probably got infected, hardened and got very uncomfortable. In the days of my youth, I was very prone to allergy problems that, even now, I don't seem to have an issue with.

      My sister-in-law recently got a clogged duct/chalazion also, but the doc didn't remove it. He had her treat it with hot compresses only I believe. Hopefully for you this will eventually do the trick. The doxy drops sound like a great idea. I also cannot tolerate the -cyclines for any lenth of time.

      I might suggest what I consider the ultimate in hot compresses: the rice in the pantyhose trick. Not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but this method is far superior that any I've tried. I put in in the microwave for 2 minutes with a glass of water. The water keeps the rice from burning. Eventually the rice does get brittle and I make a new bag. Also when I travel I use a heating pad over a wet washcloth. For some reason this isn't as effective for me as the rice, but I'll say it does get good and hot if I want it to. This could be good while treating your ducts.

      Good luck with getting that eye taken care of. I know it just feels like one more thing...

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        Raj wrote:
        Drops avoid any systemic side-effects. I get drops from Leiter's.
        I had a systemic side effect from FML steroid eye drops. Eye drops are absorbed by the nasal mucosa. It's a direct dump into your bloodstream almost as if they had been injected.

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          I certainly understand that any drop is absorbed into the bloodstream, and can have noticeable side-effects. Still, in discussing doxy-/mino- cycline my guess is the most prevalent side-effect is yeast infection. I suppose like other antibiotics, one may also experience some gastrointestinal discomfort... oh yeah, and sensitivity to sunlight.

          It seems logical to me that using the doxycycline locally as an eyedrop would certainly drastically reduce the chances of experiencing any of these side-effects, particularly the yeast. I have trouble with the -cyclines like I said, but would not hesitate to give the drops a try. I'm only guessing here, of course.

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            How about

            Ducktator? I'll bet your kids think so sometimes.


            Duc(k)t tape?
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              blocked glands

              No, my doc did mention gpc or chalazions. She said she could see caps on 5 oil glands, and my eyelashes and eyelids look fine. She did not invert my eyelid, although I think she pulled it out and peeked into it. She said I was feeling the blocked gland as it swelled.
              I get yeast infections very easily. If I had to be on something long-term, that would not be fun. I would assume that taking eyedrops instead of ingesting pills would help that problem? I will have to check into that. Of course, if it is induced into the bloodstream, I am not sure if I will avoid that? Have no idea why/how we get yeast infections from meds.
              I have been doing the hot compresses 3-4 times a day. It is better, but I can still fill the bump. Now it feels like a very skinny straight line running from my lash to my eyebrow. Imagine a tiny tube of toothpaste running vertically. My eye feels like there is something in the lid as the day goes on.
              I have had some mild allergies lately and have some Patanol here. I never noticed much of a difference before, but I'll give it another try.


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                I should have said that it's the doxy effects are mitigated by topical use.

                Since we're talking about it...what are the systemic side effects of FLM drops? I think I understand the main ocular side effects, including increased risk of cataract and higher intraocular pressure.



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                  One way to avoid the yeast issues is with probiotics....acidophilus supplements, live yogurt cultures, maybe there are others. In theory these replace the healthy bacteria that help maintain a healthy balance of candida in our bodies. Again, I'm a layperson here. I used acidophilus supplements with my two attempts at taking mino- and doxycycline. I purchased a good, quality highly potent brand found at my health food store. No luck. Still, I'd be willing to bet many people succeed with this treatment.

                  And yes, Lucy, of course I'm the household ducktater. I'm probably a quack, too.

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                    You know Jcorbett as I was reading your posting I was saying to, that's GPC...then I saw Raj had said that to you.
                    Are you sure that's not what it is? I had GPC a couple of years ago ironically from wearing my extended wear contacts for too long (3 months at a time!) and I swear that's exactly what mine looked like and felt like. I don't know how your doc could have ruled it out without flipping your lids upside down though. As gross as it is, I could see the bumps (almost like pimples) covering the underneath of my lids. it took me quite a while to get rid of them and, of course, I couldn't wear my contacts for months. I also took an antibiotic.
                    Another opinion might not hurt.
                    Good luck!


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                      Thanks for all your replies. It is better with more warm compresses, but the whole thing seems strange to me.
                      One thing that puzzles me is that the bump gets larger and my eye get more uncomfortable as the day goes on. It is actually fine when I wake up. Is that common with GPC? If a blocked gland is causing this, why would the blockage get worse as the days wears on, particularly when I am doing compresses/massages throughout the day? I don't do them during the night, and my eye feels good in the morning. I will give it another week and then go back if it isn't cleared up.

                      Dianat - Yeast - I take acidophillus daily. One every morning on an empty stomach. It should be refrigerated. Buy it refrigerated and keep it that way. I don't know how effective it is, but I do think my infections have lessened. If I feel like I may have an infection coming on, then I take two a day. This will not counteract any medications I take, though. For that, I still need Diflucan.


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                        What on Earth is GPC? Think I missed something somewhere along the way.


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                          Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). I didn't know, either. I had to google it.


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                            Chalazion, GPC


                            Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis


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                              I have to laugh at us discussing our yeast woes. Is there no end to what we'll post on the world wide web?!! Fortunately, the majority of the world doesn't care about Dianat's yeast infections, depression, anxiety, medication use, dry eyes...

                              Also, I recall my sister-in-law saying that her clogged duct changed often. Sometimes you could see by just looking at her, sometimes you couldn't. She seemed to think its improvements corresponded with hot compresses. It does sound strange to me too that it gets worse as the day goes on. Just one more mystery for us to ponder...

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