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Can you damage your cornea with hot compresses?

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  • Can you damage your cornea with hot compresses?

    This is something I'm worried about, because I've been getting problems with my vision lately my doc can't explain. Ghosting and blurring mostly. I wonder if anyone on this board ever had any permanent visual problems, because of the hot compresses and massage.
    I know that some manuals state that you should use th compresses as hot as you can tolerate without burning yourself. Others say, you shouldn't be over 45C, which is a big difference imho. I can easily tolerate up to 50C with my gel mask and probably more.
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    Bumping this thread. Anyone noticing increased high order aberrations due to warm compress treatment or is this just coincidence for me? I remember some people saying they did the warm compresses so hot they even burned their skin on the lids.
    I remember more ghost images appearing in my vision around the time I started doing warm compresses twice daily. But the inflammation was also at a highpoint at this time.
    So any experiences here?


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      Hi there,

      I think its about doing it with a little common sense. If they are using compresses so hot they burnt their skin, they are doing something. With that being said, I made a topic myself about the safety of compresses. I'm not sure about cornea but everything is connected so possibly. My doctors told me to watch out due to the increase in inflammation it causes. Obviously that inflammation will affect the eye and therefore cornea itself so maybe it can. I went from doing Compresses 2x a day to 2x a week.


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        Hi wissen1, how's your vision now? Hot compress & massage have caused me irregular astigmatism for both eyes since May/June 2017.


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          In my experience, you definitely can have problems with compresses that are too hot. My vision was very blurry and I was dizzy until I figured it out but fortunately, it did not have any permanent effects. I had been making the rice baggies much too hot which I have now corrected. One of the many compresses I use is an electric one purchased at The scientific research supports proper heat at approximately 104 degrees F. (which doesn't feel very hot) for optimal benefit.


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            I read an study saying that too hot compresses can cause pseudo-keratoconus and corneal warpage. The study was done with hot boiled eggs, which apparently some people use instead of rice baggies or gel packs. So, I'm not sure how relevant it is for us. I mean, boiled eggs are quite firm and also convex...they don't exactly mold to the shape of the eye. That said, my concern was piqued, as I use hot compresses up to 40 minutes a day. My opthomologist and oculopastic surgeon (who treats my chalazions and MGD) both thought compresses were very safe and dismissed any worries about corneal damage.

            I'm interested to hear other people's thoughts on this. Please chime in!


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              Also, my vision can be blurry after hot compresses. My doc says it's the oil being released or temporary vision changes from having pressure on the eye. In my case, he wasn't worried.