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Demodex mites & Cliradex

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  • Demodex mites & Cliradex

    Hi all - I was just prescribed Cliradex wipes today for demodex mites. I'm excited because I have suspected demodex was causing some of my eye problems, particularly the redness. Anyway, my doc mentioned to wash my bed sheets often and that the Cliradex website had info about this too, but I can't find it. So I'm wondering if anyone has any info about this. Do I need to wash them daily or is once a week enough? Thanks!

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    I think I've found my answer - looks like every week.

    Also, I just wanted to vent a bit about this. I've been to 5 different eye docs and have been dealing with my symptoms for 9 years now. I asked each doc if demodex was my problem and they all dismissed the idea entirely. At my appointment 8 weeks before the one I had yesterday, I told my doc I really though this is what I had based upon all of the reading I've done about it and thankfully he was open to the idea and agreed it might be. He prescribed an antibiotic drop since I had mentioned that two times over the past two years I'd ended up with pink eye those drops made my eyes feel a lot better. He said, 'well, you have dirty tears so that makes sense' and he then prescribed a very low dose antibiotic drop for me to use daily.

    Yesterday was my follow-up appointment and he started out by saying that he'd done some research about demodex (finally!) and that he agreed I have them. He said he could see the tails of a few on each prescribed Cliradex pads which I had mentioned at my previous visit and he said they didn't have those yet. I emailed the groups website because it supposed to be "the" place to go with the best docs and let them know that a few other smaller offices already had them available to patients and was hoping they could look into getting them. I was sent a reply a few weeks later and told that they would probably have them in by my next appointment. Also, yesterday he said my tear film looks the best it ever has so the drops must have been helping kill the bacteria the mites are spreading. I asked if we should remove my punctual plugs since my "tears are dirty" he then looked and said that my intracanicular (sp?) plugs had dissolved (which I didn't think it was possible) but he said they were made of collagen not silicone.

    Sorry this rant is so long and that I'm rambling on! Here's the clincher....I said that I was really happy to finally have a tool to try to combat the demodex and said that when I mention it to people (the demodex) no one has ever heard of it. He said, and I quote "Well, I wouldn't tell anyone you have this. It's not something you want to talk about." I feel ashamed that I have them....I asked how do people typically end up with them and he said "they're like lice". Um, okay...lice feed on *clean* hair (I've never had it by the way and told him that.) He then told the tech in the room who was writing on my exit papers to just put "dry eye" as the reason for my visit - we don't want to embarrass her. The Cliradex was also made available to me in the optical area but *very* discreetly - I felt like I was buying illegal drugs. Add to that the extremely rude check-out girl and I was not happy at all at that point.

    So...according to my doc all of us who end up with a demodex problem are dirty (nothing could be farther from the truth - I actually have OCD and am obsessive about personal hygiene - always have been. Also have always washed our sheets weekly) and should be ashamed that we've gotten these mites.....In all of his research did he not read that 20-80% of all humans have demodex living on them already???? Or that people with autoimmune issues are more likely to have a problem with them??? I have two (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Reynaud's Syndrome).

    Thanks for letting me vent - it has made me feel better.
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      I read your post.. Going to post a response later lol my eyes can't handle it ATM! Lol


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        Alison I wonder about Demodex too....what are your symptoms? I cant believe though that I have been to so many docs and NONE of them noticed it. Would a regular slit lamp visit detect them?


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          Thanks for reading Faith1989 & I completely understand the eye thing.

          Katewest - my symptoms are: dryness, burning, constantly red eyes, sporadic itching, occasional gritty feeling.

          I had been diagnosed as having: severe dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction. I self-diagnosed myself as having ocular rosacea since I have very, very mild facial rosacea and neither my dermatologist or any of the eye docs knew much about it and just said "you might have it" - because I have the constant eyeball redness (which no one could explain) - and that seems to be associated with OR. Apparently, based on my research about demodex, an infestation of mites can cause chronic redness too.

          Yesterday when my doc said he saw some "tails" it was just under the slit lamp.


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            Why dont you think the other docs saw the "tails"?


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              I have no idea Katewest....that's the million dollar question for me 5 docs & 9 years later. Maybe they didn't believe it was a possibility so they didn't even look. Some of the links I read about demodex mites indicate that only now are docs beginning to understand the impact that they can have on us with regard to our eyes. There is even a term for blepharitis caused by demodex mites but I can't remember it right now.


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                Hi AlisonW,

                Although my membership status says that I'm a family or advocate, I actually had demodex when i first joined this forum, just not dry eye. It's VERY common. Apparently, it's age dependent, and 84% of the population at age 60 have it and a whopping 100% of the population over the age of 70!!!! You shouldn't feel ashamed at all because it is the most common ectoparasite that humans can have. It's just when an overgrowth happens that it can cause ocular rosacea, blepharitis, conjunctivitis (inflamed eyes), and even meibomian gland dysfunction (BECAUSE THE MITES LIVE IN OIL!!). Shame on your doctor for making you feel ashamed. I used Cliradex for 2 months, and my all of my symptoms are now gone!! it's really a game changer. In my opinion, it might be more expensive than the other eye hygiene products I used to use, but that's because it works! I have a bunch of papers that I've read about demodex, so if you're interested, message me!


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                  oh by the way, be careful to follow the instructions when using Cliradex, because I wasn't warned that it has this cooling/menthol-like sensation, and it can surprise you if you're not ready for it. it even stings if you get it in your eyes. I complained to my doc, but he told me to let it air dry before opening your eyes and to not wash off the Cliradex after.


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                    Thanks for your reply angyeo - you made me feel better as well as gave me some great info. I'm so glad that Cliradex worked for you. I'm hopeful now that I will have the same results. Do you still use the Cliradex as maintenance or was the two months using them enough to get rid of the mites?


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                        Thanks for the links hankm9 - I will check them out.


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                          Hi alisonw, I do use Cliradex as a maintenance, but I don't use it everyday now. I think the length you may have to use Cliradex for will depend on the amount of mites you have to begin with.


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                            I just got the Cliradex and wipes today and tried the first one. OMG it hurt SO much. I know you are supposed to let it dry but my first reaction was to towel them off. They were super red after and watery. How long before the reaction is not this bad?


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                              Originally posted by Katewest View Post
                              How long before the reaction is not this bad?
                              For me it was about 10 days. I used to use them twice a day, but that became too irritating to the lids. I use the wipes 1x per day now around 7pm.