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mucous fishing syndrome?

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  • mucous fishing syndrome?

    Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on here as I finally have decided I need to do somethin about the problems I have with my eyes. I have seen numerous doctors and specialists and have been given far too many drops to even count. About 10 yes ago I was diagnosed with mucous fishing syndrome. I have since seen doctors who say there is nothing wrong with me. Id like ur opinion please. Iv suffered for as long as I can remember but it has over the years gotten worse.
    Iv always had sticky, mucousy eyes and tend to pull it out whenever I can. This doesn't bother me but sometimes the mucous is more like a film coverin the inside of the upper lid. This usually isn't as easy to get out. Using my finger I have to keep wiping it until it gathers at one side of my eye so that it will come loose and come out. The problem is that it doesn't always come out and will leave a stringy piece in my eye which will then scratch my eyeball. I will end up with swollen bloodshot eyes and the pressure that builds up behind my eyes causes headaches. I also look like i have a lazy eye wen im sufferin at my worst. When its really bad it can last for about a week. Iv recently just got over one of these episodes. It started in one eye and then the other. The eyes will b leakin and in the mornins they R 'glued' shut.
    Iv noticed that if im near radiators or 'fake' heat they get worse. I also suffer with hayfever. Iv recently seen my optician who has advised I go back to my go and retry some former drops, tho iv never found any that seem to help. id really like to know if anyone else suffers like this and if it is actually mucous fishing syndrome or somethin else. Also whether it is hereditary as I have two children and would hate for them to suffer the same as me. Iv tried to give as much info as possible but will try to answer anyones questions if they have any. Id just really like to get this sorted and live a normal life! I'm so sick of wakin up each mornin wonderin if its goin to b a good day or a bad day. Thank u

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    I have the same problem. My doctor has me on mucamyst which helps disolve the mucous, but the mucous does not go away, it is just easier to remove. My doctor says not to remove the mucous unless it builds up in the corner of my eye. I get rid of it when ever I can. I also use 100% serum drops those help a lot. If my eyelids get stuck together I clean them with a hot moist washcloth.


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      Yeh my doctors have always told me to leave it but I dont think they really understand how annoyin and uncomfortable it actually is. I know myself that I shouldn't mess too much but its like an addiction! I just keep thinkin 'just one more try'. If its just gunk in the corner that's not a problem coz once its gone its gone. Its the filmy stuff that's real bad. I'm definately gonna go to the go and try the drops again and if they dont work ill try to go c a specialist again and persist and get somethin that'll help. I can go months without an episode but when my eyes R bad it really depresses me. Iv always been made to feel (by doctors and my mom-because she was listenin to the docs) that I was either imaginin it or exageratin it and generally makin the situation worse myself. I think a lot of doctors didnt know wot it was and just sent me away sayin that there was no problem. Im so glad to find that im not the only person out there who has to live like this. Hopefully I can find a doctor who actually knows about the syndrome and can give some suitable drops etc and finally sort it!


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        Just wondering if NAC might help with the mucus build up as well. . . NAC is supposed to thin mucus secretions in the body. It might just thin out the mucus enough that it is no longer irritating. There have been several posts here, although doing a search for NAC does not seem to bring up any posts. Try,

        I have been using NAC for about three weeks. I did notice less burning . . . up until yesterday.


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          Here's a link to posts about NAC - N-ACETYL CYSTEINE:


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            My doctor has me on mucamyst which helps disolve the mucous
            Mucomyst (eye drop) contains acetylcysteine (i.e., NAC). I think you can get 10% or 20% formulations.

            In the UK, there seems to be a NAC drop called Ilube 5% acetylcysteine.
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              Hi Mim,
              I tried mucomyst. It burned like heck, and while the mucous went away briefly, it always returned in just a short time. The mucomyst does break up the mucous, though. I think the mucous is trying to lubricate your eye and carry on where the oil and tears are lacking. I know how you feel. It drives me nuts, but I am better now than a year ago. Hope you find something that gives you relief. Good luck.


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                thanks guys, yeh like i say i can deal with the gooey mucous its the film stuff that really gets to me. from what iv read from other people tho they just seem to get mucous in the corners of their eyes. iv got an appointment this week with the gp so im keepin my fingers crossed theyll either b able to prescribe somethin or send me to a specialist....again. from what i remember a lot of the drops iv been given where antihistamene type drops or just regular eye drop that i guess u can buy over the counter, and non of tehse worked so im assumin itll b drops from an actual eye hospital that will help. ill keep u updated


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                  mim, I have the type of mucous you're talking about. I get a film over my eyes and also it rolls up into what feels like a hair in my eye. My eyes get so irritated from this. All my doctor says is don't touch your eyes. He has absolutely no understanding of how it feels to simply leave the mucous alone. If you find something that will relieve the mucous formation even just a little that would be wonderful.


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                    magoo this sounds like what i get. it definately feels like theres somethin in ur eye and its scratching u. im fed up of doctors thinking that its isnt a problem and that theres nothin wrong with me. im 26 now and have suffered for nearly as long as i can remember and have yet to find someone who can actually help me. id sort of given up, thinkin that ill just have to live with it, but the past few weeks were horrible, i had swollen leaky eyes. they were constantly streaming. there was a filmy mucous build up constantly, the pressure was causing headaches. i figure there has to b a doctor out there who knows about this problem and can do somethin so its now my mission to get it sorted lol!