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OILY eyes????

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  • OILY eyes????

    hey everyone, so there's a lot of talk on just dry eyes and i'd like to bring up the topic on oily eyes + dry eyes. Through out the day it becomes harder and harder to blink because i feel a thick layer of oil build up. I can feel my eyes producing the water, but the oil is just over powering. Ive diagnoses myself with blepharitis and have been doing the cleansing and the warm compress but nothing seems to work. Also have been doing the vitamin b6 and flaxseed oil, and also bought a $300 air-o-swiss humidifier (great investment). Just wondering if anyone on here has these symptoms and can bless me with a treatment.

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    I have the same thing and it also causes me to have a film in my vision. I think you might have meibomian gland problems causing you to have to much oil in your tears. Do you also feel that your eye lashes feel sticky?


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      yea i think are in the same boat here. I have blurry vision sometimes and my whole eye including around it feels sticky/oily. It feels like theres a layer of oil over my eyes that's causing the discomfort. I have an apt on the 10th so we'll see how that goes. Im a lot more knowledgable so ill be able to ask her better questions. Do you have any treatments? or you still trying to find one like me :s


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        I have this also