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Thickening of eyelid margin!!!

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  • Thickening of eyelid margin!!!

    It all started with conjunctivitis in both eyes followed 4 months later by a chalazion in my left eye. The doctor prescribed some steroid cream which was successful in removing it. However,it is been 7 months and my left eyelid still looks swollen! Three months ago i was diagnosed with blepharitis so I started the eyelid hygiene, the warm compresses I also used an antibiotic cream but nothing. I believe to have read all of the threads about blepharitis and dry eyes but there was never a particular mention to a thickened eye lid. Although I do get the dry and gritty feeling my main concern is this eyelid that is sometimes painful and is always swollen. When i try to express the glands the oil doesn't come out as a toothpaste consistency. The doctors weren't able to tell me anything besides it s chronic you' re gonna live forever with this condition!! So I feel like I have been so patient and nothing has changed I have put warm compresses twice a day, cleaned my eyelids, stopped wearing contact lenses and make up but I am just starting to get really worried that this eyelid will always look like that.

    I would really appreciate any help or insight!

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    It is my understanding that there are at least 2 different definitions of blepharitis. At least one of them includes thickening of the lid margin. That's what I have. The big problem with it is that it worsens your symptoms. Not everyone has thick, toothpaste-like oil; some of us don't produce enough. There's some question about why we don't produce enough. It may be because we aren't producing but it may also be because inflammation is preventing either production or distribution and at some point, our bodies may simply stop producing because it has no where to go. At least this is my understanding.

    It would be a lot easier if some of these issues (blepharitis - anterior & posterior, for instance) weren't lumped together but they are and it seems like patients are left to discern what type they have and exactly what that means since most doctors don't provide that information.


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      The last doctor that I saw 2 weeks ago told me the it was posterior but the fact that we have a thickened eye lid and maybe other people don' t depends on what? the severity of blepharitis? does it mean that the glands are atrophied? or that the cause is a bacteria? because I have to say that if it were'n for the eyelid which is swollen I probably would have never gone to the doctor. For the past few days I noticed that also my right eye lower eye lid is thickening but the problem is that I don't know what I need to do. I wish I did.


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        Dear Pearl,
        I have been able to kill Blepharits and that was with the help from a friend who found something that killed it for her. Her Blepharitis moved up onto the top of her eyelids. She used a facial scrub (no longer available with ingredient) with Benzethonium Chloride in it. I used WET ONES, antibacterial hand wipes, in the red box with Benzethonium Chloride in them.
        I also have a friend in a rest home who had this yellow gunk in her eyes. After a while, I tried a WET ONE on her and it was remarkable how much better she is and the yellow gunk went away. I use it on her twice a week at least to help.
        It does take a long time to kill Blepharitis. I tore each wipe into 8 sections and used 2 of them on each eyelash area 4 times a day for a week and a half. I then went down to 3 times a day (eyes felt so much better). After that, I went down to 2 times a day for several months. It itched once or twice after that and I jumpned onnit with a wipe and now it's gone for a year. There were 3 doctors who could not find it in my eyes. They said it would come back. I said it has been 4-5 months (at that time).
        You can wear makeup, including mascara, while killing this off. If you need that info let me know.
        A young man in the UK said the chemist was going to order him something with Benzethonium Chloride in it as he could not find WET ONES. They can be ordered on E-Bay someone else said.
        If you have anyone in the US that can send them to you too.
        Please remember that 2 people using 2 different products both with Benzethonium Chloride in them killed this off.
        Wish you relief soon.