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Curious anyone get a.m. 'sleep' in corner of eyes?

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  • Curious anyone get a.m. 'sleep' in corner of eyes?

    I would never have thought that I would mis this, but I would really love to wake up in the morning and pick out that bit of crusty sleep from the inner corners of my eyes. Ever since I had lasik, five months ago, I no longer get this morning
    'sleep'. Here is my question to fellow dry eye sufferers:

    Non-lasik dry eye people, do you get morning 'sleep'? Do you know when you stopped getting it?

    Those of you who had lasik, did you stop getting morning 'sleep'? Did it stop right after surgery? Has anyone who has improved substantially seen a return of the morning 'sleep'?

    I guess I'm wondering if there is connection to the 'sleep' phenomenon and mucin or lipid deficiency? Thanks for your interest!
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    Well, I have the same hopes you have. I'm a year and a month post lasik and if I have anything crusty in my eyes in the morning its from drops that I put in through out the night. Yea, people just take some things for granted. If I could just go back in time.


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      I guess I'm wondering if there is connection to the 'sleep' phenomenon and mucin or lipid deficiency?
      I think 'sleep' might be mainly healthy mucin, general normal shedding of different components esp off the surface, never read this. I think it's partly epithelial because of stretchy similarity to shedded mucous filaments. Crust would be after exposed to air during night. LM gets it slight and white but rarely, when the eye surface is healthiest with best tear film, a joy to see. Doesn't get it when meibom is good but surface is dodgy. Very different from eg infected mucous or eyedrop debris.
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      Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere


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        I also haven't "sleep". I had an accident with UVC germicidal lamp, the same radiation used in Lasik (excimer laser).


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          It is known that the corneal nerve damage is possibly a major cause of dry eye. This image of this great site ( is self-explanatory. Corneal nerves controls conjunctival nerves. Conjunctival nerves controls goblet cells. Goblet cells produces mucus...
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            I don't have sleep either. I don't know if it was since lasik, almost seven years ago, is it was before lasik, if it was aroud seven months ago when my dry eyes symptoms started.
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              Last time I had significant sleep in my eyes was the morning I woke up to go for my LASIK procedure. There was one other time maybe since LASIK where I had the tiniest bit of it in the morning, but that was years ago, and it was after I'd been having a better eye-week than normal.
              Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
              Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?