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Eye change - sticky eyes

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  • Eye change - sticky eyes

    The condition of my eyes has changed over the past 2 1/2 years that I have had dry eyes.

    They started off feeling like my tears were made of battery acid (at least I felt like I had tears then) to the feeling of foreign bodies in my eye. To ice pick in my eye if the eye ball did not explode first or the eye lid did not swell shut over the eye. Recently I am back to acid feeling in the eye, dry and burning. The last few days my eyes feel real sticky, like I have glue stick glue on the surface of my eyes.

    I have real bad filaments and I am on mucomyst to break the filaments up as they cause a lot of foreign body sensation. I am wondering if perhaps the sticky feeling is the little amounts of filaments left in my eyes. I am still able to pull some filaments out of my eye several times a day.

    Any one got a clue? Or as all of my doctors like to say, am I just an unusual case?