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Tranquileyes or Rebecca's Rice Baggy?

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  • Tranquileyes or Rebecca's Rice Baggy?

    hi guys,
    trying to decide between these two. would it make more sense for me to get the tranquileyes (which offers nighttime protection, since it keeps the moisture in the goggles at night?) and just use a sock filled with rice for hot compresses ?

    if it comes down to hot compresses, the rice baggy is definitely better probably right?

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    It's totally personal preference. I have both and they are for different things, so comparing is like comparing apples and oranges. They are both tops in their field.

    I'd say the TE is something you'd use most, so you might want to try that first. A rice baggie can be made and you will only use this at most 10 minutes or so two or three times a day. Rebecca's ricepack is tops, though.

    You can make your own rice baggie, but not your own TE very well. You can buy the baggie later perhaps. Good luck. I love both of mine.
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      can i just say the tranquileyes havn't really worked for me.Also when i wake up i tend to have bags & droopy lids because of them


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        I really like both. However, I LOVE my Rebecca's rice baggy. I suffer from insufficient tear production due to Sjogrens. The rice baggy is supposed to help warm the meibomian glands and improve oil flow. I've had my dr. check specifically for MGD and he said I don't have it. Despite that, I still get SIGNIFICANT relief from using the hot compress. I do it religiously (every night before bed). It's one of the only things that improves the gritty, sandy feeling I get.

        I had a lot of problems waking up with "stuck" eyelids and really severe dry eyes. I would wake up and put in drops 3-6 times a night. Even with a really wet tranquileyes pad, I still woke up with dry and stuck eyes. It always seemed counterintuitive to me. How could I possibly have a wet pad on my eyes and still wake up with dry eyes? So for me the TE only helped a little. :-( BUT....some people love them and I do think they are a valuable product.

        Lucy is's totally a personal preference and you can make a rice baggy yourself. I did use a homemade rice baggy for a while. But I'm really glad I invested the money for Rebecca's baggy. The quality can't be beat. So if you're really on a budget, buy the TE and make your own rice baggy. But save up for Rebecca' will be worth it!