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How long does probing last?

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    Thank you for the advice. I have gotten better in the last few years, but still have regular flares. I am trying to find time to increase my compresses to twice per day. I have a HOCL lid cleanser, but don't find it that helpful. It's hard being such a worrier like I am. I would be so happy to not have to use tears but I have to daily. It's funny how a disease like this can affect life SO much. It's a constant thought. I wonder what I would think about if I didn't have to constantly think about my eyes. I'm off today so I'm just venting here. I can see my oil in a 10x magnifying mirror when I press on the glands. Sometimes they are thin oil, sometimes "crisco", sometimes white, sometimes nothing comes out which hurts the most.

    I am too excited about the procedure and trying not to get my hopes up.


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      Hi Faith

      Glad to know you have gotten better. Any ideas what likely trigger the regular flares?

      compress: Glad you plan to increase. When oil is flowing, we dont need many drops.
      Some doctors also support such views except my dr whom I believed but now I know it was a mistake!
      Sometimes I forcefully blink when I perform Blephastem (eye closed), then more oil comes out.
      It is kind of LipiFlow and it is effective/safe, in my view.

      Your work enviroment has fan, heating or air conditioner? If so, how do you overcome them?

      Lid cleaner: Once dr gave me a normal cleaner as I did not have inflammation, then I got much discharges etc.
      Then I figured out an effective/safe cleaner is important

      HOCL lid cleanser: doctors say (in the Yourtube viedos) normally the treatment takes 2 weeks.
      When I go to bed, I spray to closed eyes and feel great. I actually found such spray by myself after trying 2 other brands. We dont have HOCL lid cleaners here and 3 of my doctors do NOT know such cleansers too.

      Lastly, after visiting a dozon of doctors, pretty frustrated - either not helpful/knowledgeable nor solution-driven.
      Only last dr examined my upper glands. None wanted to checked, even I beg them.
      It was not that difficult nor did it take long.
      I realize, if I want to achieve results, I need to keep learning/exploring new things - actually like a full-time job.
      I solved all problems by myeslf, except LipiFlow (opening glands).
      I am sure you can do that too because you are also proactive!!
      Think positive and a bit of tenacity wont hurt!!
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