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IPL or plugs???

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  • IPL or plugs???

    Hi all! I have an appointment next week, and my eye doc wants to insert plugs. I've read on here all the different disappointing reviews of plugs. Being that I don't have insurance currently, it will be very costly for the plugs. I have a different doctor that does IPL treatments, and I've been considering going that route rather than plugs. Can anyone offer advice?!!!

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    Apples to oranges problem here choosing between those two. Most important here to establish which treatment is likely to help in your specific situation.

    If you want to try plugs... it's important to get someone who knows how to size them properly and such (otherwise it's so much money down the drain when they fall out, or worse yet if you get somebody lousy putting in intracanaliculars resulting in complications one day). Also practices vary tremendously in what they charge for inserting plugs so some people choose to shop around. And as has been discussed in another thread, when you don't have insurance NEGOTIATE (that's the power of cashpay). - Also make sure you pin then down to a policy about who's responsible for the cost if the things fall out (do they have a window after insertion where they will replace them for free, etc).
    Rebecca Petris
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      Thank you for all your help and advice. My biggest concern is that I went back to the doctor and she said plugs right away. However, I still think my eyes are still inflamed. I've read that plugs with inflamed eyes is a big no-no. I feel almost as if I'm the doctor when I'm there, because she seems slightly clueless. Thank goodness for Dryeyetalk so I can be the doctor! haha. There are so many treatment options, but any idea what is good for inflammation? I've read about Azasite, doxy, etc. My dry eyes are due to MGD and my doctor said my tear film is lacking and my tears dissolve too quick. Any suggestions on what I should go to her with as far as how to get the inflammation down first. I'm on restasis for a little over two months currently, and it's helped a bit I'd say but they are 100% still inflamed as heat packs kill my eyes, but ice packs help so much.