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Can meibomian gland disfunction cause vision problems?

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  • Can meibomian gland disfunction cause vision problems?

    I was wondering why my vision gets much worst after warm compresses. Can the oils from the glands be to thick and cause an hazy tear film for about an half hour? Also can the glands not working properly cause vision fluctuation throughout the day. Does anybody have these types of problems, or have heard of this happening?
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    Be careful with the compresses. Don't get them too hot. Also, I heard that you should only have the compresses on your eyes for about 4 minutes. That should be enough time for the oils to "melt", and release from the glands.


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      I have had blurry vision after compresses. I always thought it was from the weight of the compress since I do not have thick meibum, it is very thin. I do have vision changes throughout the day from the dryness and irritation. Sometimes I have trouble seeing what is on my computer screen, other times its clear.
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