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Cooling Nighttime Eye Mask for Allergic Conjunctivitis??

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  • Cooling Nighttime Eye Mask for Allergic Conjunctivitis??

    Hi everyone,

    After much reading and searching on the forums and a very major time where I thought I was suffering from blepharitis (not true..) i discovered I have been suffering from allergic conjunctivitis.

    Symptoms include slightly swollen eyelids and red/"cloudy"/veiny eyes. My eyes are mostly this color in the mornings when I wake up. A trick to my diagnosis was something that I read online..that people with allergic conjunctivitis tend to have red and "cloudy" eyes in the morning especially in the lower half of their conjunctivia. This is the case with me, as the top half of my eyes are quite white in the morning. I also have moderate white mucuous (balls and stringy) buildup in the morning and spend quite a bit of time int he morning removing all of this crummy buildup. I have been a long-term allergy sufferer and did not realize this was my problem until I moved to California. In NYC I often had terrible nasal allergies...when I moved to CA they seemed to move to my eyes.

    I have been taking Zaditor as well as artificial tears to lubricate the eyes so they do not dry out, but am looking for a good eye mask to where at night to hopefully start bringing down the redness and limited the amount of eye mucus i have in the morning. Cold compresses make my eyes feel amazing (another sign it is allergy related, since hot compresses make my eyes much much worse).

    Are there any eye masks people can recommend that can provide continuous cold relief while I sleep? Most masks I read about on the forums are a combo cold/hot mask but I don't need a hot compress at all. I am also a person who sleeps on their side and back equally.

    Thank you for any help!!

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