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Looking for night eyewear suggestions!

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  • Looking for night eyewear suggestions!

    Hi guys,

    this is my first post here so let me introduce very briefly. I'm Ester, from Spain. I'm suffering from severe DES since a year and a half. Hopefully I'm a bit better now but the main problem remains at night. I tend to sleep with my eyes partially opened so when it happens my eyes get worse again.

    I'm using regular masks (and night ointments of course) which were solving the problem until now. But it seems they don't do the work as at first and my eyes are still open some nights.

    Anyone with the same problem can recommend me any other solution (available in Spain if possible) to definitely close the eyes at night? I have also tried oclusion patches which work but they damage my skin....

    Thank you so much!

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    did you try swiming goggles?


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      I also find swimming goggles are better, easy to clean too.


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        Hi again!

        Thank you for your answers!!

        Actually I didn't. But do you really think it can help? I mean, for sure swimming googles will preserve humidity, but my eyes will be open anyway... I don't know what but I though in something that can block the opening of the eyes. Any idea?