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best goggles/sleep mask ?

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  • best goggles/sleep mask ?

    hey guys,

    i have to go away for a few days and stay in a hotel which I'm sure will be air conditioned. I need advice on what the best goggles/mask are for sleeping. I've looked at a few from the dry eye shop and I'm just not sure which one i should be going for. I don't want one that presses down/touches my eyelid. Tranquille eyes pads can be removed but it seems quite pricey. I was thinking of getting one of the sleeping masks that just vaults over the eyes but then in the description of one it says that the cotton of the mask actually absorbs the moisture from the eye rather than put the moisture back into the eye and that it should be lined it in plastic to avoid this- but could the plastic lining not irritate the eyes?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.