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  • EyeSeals

    Hi readers -- wanted to give a brief review of the EyeSeals product. I found them to be great for their moisturizing effects overnight, but they were not able to hold my eyelids closed. They were comfortable and did not bother my head or face. I had to rubber-band the strap to make them tight enough for my head. A good product -- however for my needs because they don't hold my eyelids closed I needed to return them.

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    I have found it to be somewhat problematic as well.
    They tend to slip off my face (the band loosens over night) and would leave a mark on my face at times.

    They do keep the moisture in very efficiently when they stay on.

    I've been using a regular night mask from Amazon, which doesn't seal quite as well, but is much more comfortable for me and stays on.


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      My EyeSeals have been the best bet for me, but no form of sleep mask has really resulted in comfortable eyes when I wake up. I've had some specialists tell me I have lagophthalmos and some of of the opinion I don't (common as no dry eye specialists seems capable of coming up with the same consensus)

      They create the most moisture and are by far the most comfortable but I still wake up with super swollen upper eyelids and pain in the upper half of my cornea and it doesn't get much better as the day gets longer.

      Also to make matter worse currently, the EyeSeals broke a few weeks back, the edges where the strapping is connected just ripped and not you can't re-attach it. Rebecca who runs this forum was very kind to send me a pair that somebody else sent back to her and they lasted me about a year. Now though since I'm in Aus I can't order the new versions anymore unless direct from EyeEco, which will cost $95 which is very steep.