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  • Moisture Chamber Goggle advice

    This is my first post so bare with me. I have LASIK induced dry eye after having the procedure last August. My eyes are particularly bad when using a PC and I had to leave my job due to not being able to use a PC for any length of time.

    I have heard moisture chamber goggles mentioned as something that can help reduce the discomfort when using a PC. Just have a few questions about them.

    1. Is their something in the actual goggles themselves that helps reduce the discomfort like a gel or something?

    2. How exactly do they work?

    3. Are they suitable for wearing while asleep? I have found that my eyes tend to dry out alot while I am sleeping. I have tried various gels that don't seem to do much good.

    Really struggling here and any advice on the subject would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi Robster,

    I also have dry eye due to LASIK in Mid September. 5 months for me. So I know exactly how you feel.

    To answer your question around the moisture chamber goggles my suggestion is to do what I just did 3 days ago and purchased the cheap onion goggles from the store that Rebecca has here. I used them for the past two days and they have made a very big difference. I too stare at a computer for most of the day for my job.

    I would start there ... because it is simple and very cheap.

    For nighttime I sometimes use refresh pm which usually works very well. I have been on restates for 4 months, not sure it helps or not, but most of the time I do not use the refresh pm anymore at night. When I wake up in the morning my eyes are dry and I use blink preservative free to start my day. I also put the blink in before I goto bed.

    I have also started warm compresses with the rice baggys (as suggested on this site) and I think it helps. I also do daily lid scrubs.

    But, again, so far I think the goggles at this point are making the biggest difference.

    There are goggles for nighttime use as well, I have not used them but there is plenty of info in the archive section of this site. There is also a section on how the goggles work. The onion glasses just creates a seal around your eyes to induce moisture and lessens the evaporation of your tear film. I believe there are goggles that have moisture release packets that release moisture into the goggles. But, again, I would start simple .... with the onion glasses.

    I hope this helps ... good luck and hang in there.


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      Moisture chamber glasses are a god send...they arent attractive but it works. Just the moisture and head from your skin and the tears you do make stay on the eye balls longer. They are also protected from moving air both heat and air conditioning and even a fan. All three of these dry your eyes up!

      The hardest thing is finding a pair that fits your face. If it fogs up a titch once in awhile..its a perfect fit in my opinion and doing its job. The next hardest thing is finding a prescription that will go into it. I just need I was wearing a pair of goggles and then readers at the same time. Yes...wearing 2 pairs! Right now I am wearing sun glasses I found with readers in them and then made a seal around the frame out of wax for ears that you use for swiming. Regular glasses are too thin around the frame to do this. So at least I am down to one pair. But if it werent for the use of goggles at work, my eyes would have never been able to heal and I would be so miserable everyday while working. They are ugly but a blessing!


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        Thanks for the advice guys. I think I'll try a cheap pair to see how I get on. Luckily I don't need a prescription for them just something to help me use a PC. I hope the shop on this site are able to send them to England for me!


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          Robster, I send stuff all over the world - however, one note of caution. Onion goggles are a fairly stuff frame and because of the structure of the frame and foam eyecup, they fit some people better than others... they are a kind of thing that either fits comfortably or maybe really, really doesn't. I have a lot of men customers who have used them for years BUT a lot of other men (and women) for whom they're too small. Ordering locally, its easy to send stuff back and exchange, but overseas takes a lot longer and of course more expensive. It may make sense either to try one of the more versatile frame types (like Dustbuster 2 perhaps, even though the seal isn't as good) or even order a couple of things and then send back what doesn't fit.
          Rebecca Petris
          The Dry Eye Zone


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            I've managed to find a UK based website that has a good range of moisture chamber goggles so I will give them a try first. Thanks to everyone for the advice.


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              Robster could you post a link to the site?? I am sure there are many here who would appreciate it!
              Rebecca Petris
              The Dry Eye Zone


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                Here's the link -


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                  I just got moisture barrier goggles, and the onyx goggles. Tried one each night. THey both came off in the middle fo the night, and I woke up to hot, burning, sandpaper feeling eyes in the morning. I also tried saan wrap. It slid off, too. I do not want to tape both eyes shut the rest of my life (this doesn work, my eyes feel good in the morning.)
                  I need step-by-step instructions on what works for the first three methods. i am pretty desperate today. So much pain.
                  I called to eye surgeon, asking about castor oil and/or regular vaseline to put on/in my eyes, but he said they would harm my eyes. Help, please


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                    Shirley, perhaps a eye shield would help? My doctor gave me one to try. I have to tape it to my nose, forehead and cheek to keep it in place. It does seem to keep moisture in.


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                      Hi Shirley,
                      I just got the onyx goggles a few nights ago. I love them!! Here is what I do. I don't like a tight strap across the back of my head, so I loosen the strap. I then take the paper tape theat Rebecca sells, and I tape the goggles to my face. I use two strips for each eye cup. I make an X over each eye cup. I find that the tape keeps the goggles in place. If I wake up in the middle of the night I drop some Oasis Tears in each eye. I am able to stick down the tape and the tape continues to hold the goggles in place.

                      Send m e a PM if you have other questions.