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eyelids not closing at night

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  • eyelids not closing at night


    I have had dry eyes now for more than two years. After several doctors, I saw one yesterday who told me that I have 2 things going on. One is that I don't produce enough tears. Second, I don't close my eyelids when I sleep (reported by husband).

    He suggested that I use either Lacrilube or Refresh PM at bedtime and tape my eyelids with Breathe Right. After a month, he will either give me Restasis or plugs to fix the tear production problem.

    After what I have read in this thread, I am very skeptical with his advise. So, I have held off on them and ordered the 3 products to try out.

    So, how do most people deal with these problems, especially the eyelids not closing.

    Also, are there any dry eye specialist in the Bay Area in California?


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    I would think that the ointments and gels might really help you at night. Also, have you tried sleeping with a sleep mask on? It might help you to keep your eyes closed while sleeping.

    I have read about people taping their eyelids shut at night and it really seems to work well for some people. Might be a little hard to get used to though.


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      Ointments and my eyes

      Hi BrightBright- I have suffered damage to my eyes due to the fact that my lids do not close completely while sleeping. This was the result of elective cosmetic surgery (upper/lower bleth done by an experienced ocularplastic surgeon) that I had just over three years ago. My surgeons only recommendation over all that time of complaint(s) to him of constant irritation, redness, burning, blurred vision, etc., etc., etc..... was to use the ointment at night. So I did. My eyes never felt good and were absolutely horrible in the mornings. My lower eyelids were always bright, bright red. Little did I know that not only was part of my eye issues were due to use of the ointment (who wants to put petroleum products in their eye anyway?), but that sometimes the ointments (and day drops) I used had the dreaded BK preservatives in them. I had tried each and every type of ointment (including Genteel- it was not heavy enough for me to get me thru the night) made and felt very frustruated thinking that I would have to wake up every single morning with blurry vision for several hours until it would work its way out of my eyes- even after washing, etc. It was a mess, my eyes were a mess, the pillowcases were a mess, on and on the list goes. Finally, by mere chance and great luck, I found a link on another site that happened to mention this site. I clicked on an discovered my own little miracle. I learned about damage to eyes from preservatives, I learned that most people (including Dr. Holly) do not recommend eye ointments, and most importantly, I decided that I had little to lose and tried all of the eye drops (Dakrina, Dwelle, etc.). I eventually tapered off using the ointment at night (boy, was I worried about that because I absolutely had to use it or my eyes would stream and burn with tears without it at night) and started using just the drops. I also purchased the moisture eye chambers/goggles for night time as well. I think that the slight pressure of them on my eyes and face help to keep my eyes alot more closed. I have tried tape on them as well with little benefit. I believe that the combination of regular use of the drops has helped my eyes tremendously. I also believe that because I have completely discontinued all of the ointments (except occasional use of Genteel gel in the mix- which now gets me thru) my eyes are so much better. Not perfect, but much improved. I still have bad days and an occasional very bad day, but as I continue with my new regime (and No More Ointment for me!) my eyes and particuliary my lower lids feel so much better. I am happy to see that you are going to try the drops too. I hope that they work for you (I would recommend the goggles as well) and that you do not have to resort to any petroleum based gels. Maybe the Genteel would be sufficient for you. I am hoping to find an opthomologist here in Denver (or Dallas as I travel there often) that any of you might recommend as I need to get some testing done to see what type of potential long term damage I may have caused. I may consider trying the Restasis as well. If anyone has any recommendations I would so very much appreciate hearing from you. Thanks to all of you who contribute on this site (particuliary Neil) as I have found so much information and helpful links, etc. Finding this site has been of invaluable help to me, so I thank all who participate. I look forward to any recommendations on good Dr's as well. Happy Blinking!


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        Which moisture chamber/goggles are you using at night? Are they comfortable? Which Dr Holly drops do you find helpful?


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          Hi Taryn,
          I purchased the Tranquileyes goggles found at this site (DryEye Shop). As far as drops go I mostly rely on the Dakrina during day and Dwelle at night. Sometimes I will add at night some Genteel gel as well. I also carry Nutratear in my purse to use if I don't want/need something heavier. I honestly can say that I have much sharper vision, substantially less irritation, and better feeling eyes by stopping the ointment. I cannot say if the improvement to my eyes is due to the removal of the ointment and the drops were just a nice addition, or the combination of my new regime. I personally think it is a combination of all that I mentioned in prior post. It did take a couple of weeks for me to get longer lasting benefit (not having to use the drops quite so often during the day) as well as to get off the ointment. This is coming from a person who could not sleep without it, so to get off it is such a relief for me. The goggles become more comfortable with continued use and at first you might notice deeper dreams as the darkness they provide seemed to put me in a deeper REM mode. Kinda strange at first, but now sleeping like I should. I also have started daily use of flax/efa oil as well. Still looking for referrals if anyone reading this can recommend Denver/Dallas specialists or other eye Dr's. Thanks!


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            Originally posted by Coloradokid
            Still looking for referrals if anyone reading this can recommend Denver/Dallas specialists or other eye Dr's. Thanks!
            I know Dallas isn't Houston ... but ... many people number Steve Pflugfelder among the best in the world. Could you .... ?



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              I sense my eyes aren't closing at night least not completely. I tried to tape them with medical tape and sensed things were better, but it was ridiculous. No I just wear a nighttime eye cover...the kind you might find at Linens N Things or Bed Bath and Beyond. They are designed mainly to keep the light out, but I feel they gently help keep my lids closed and protected from the air. I won't go to bed without it in place.

              In addition, I use a humidifier. I am convinced enough that it helps me that I insist on using it year 'round no matter how humid it is outside. Every little bit helps.

              Do also try Dr. Holly's drops. They just might do the trick for you.

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