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dry eyes. help?

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  • dry eyes. help?

    Hello everyone, i'm 21 i had lasik surgery 10 months ago and i just talked to my doctor & apparently i sleep with my eyes open .. they're not fully open but not closed too!! and i was wondering is it because of surgery? and if there's something i can use instead of tape? i read about Tranquileyes but i don't like how it looks so is there anything else i can use or do?

    And also the doctor said i have dead cells from dryness of my eyes .. what does that mean ?

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    I use Refresh PM (night time ointment) and sleep in duo shades. They are cheap goggles that are fairly comfortable. I usually take them off in the middle of the night at some point and use eye drops if I wake up in the middle of the night. I had Lasik 8 months ago and eyes are still slowly improving. Good luck!


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      I will try Refresh PM