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Fire & Ice Mask vs. Thermoeyes

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  • Fire & Ice Mask vs. Thermoeyes

    My doc is suggesting that following product is the best, effective, gentle & convenient way for warm compress while achieving results:

    Rhein Fire & Ice Mask

    Anyone have tried it. Please share your experience.

    How does it compare against: Tranquilleye Thermoeyes.

    Any other products I should consider before making a choice. Thanks

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    Of the people I have spoken to who have tried both, most prefer the Tranquileyes XR model, the larger version.


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      There are a lot of large gel masks of various sorts available on the market. I would say that what sets thermoeyes apart is that the gelpacks are small and cover just the eye area. Both with hot and cold compresses, there are plenty of people who don't want something that is going to cover the whole upper part of their face, either because of sensitive skin, facial rosacea, etc. I agree with Indrep about the XR size Thermoeyes. They are super comfy and hold heat/cold longer than the smaller ones.

      Other than gel packs like the one you linked to, and the Thermoeyes product line, the other category of heat packs is things like flax or rice bags. Those are good at retaining heat/cold for quite awhile and tend to be super comfy but not everyone likes having that much weight on their eyes, and they're not quite as hygienic as sealed gelpacks.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone


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        Thanks for the feedback. Assuming XR size Thermoeyes should work small head too; let me know if that is not correct.