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Eyelids sticking together

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  • Eyelids sticking together

    well I officially now know what it means to have eyes sticking together. For some reason, this week they are sticking together. Don't know whats changed other than using a fan in my room for the heat (AC is a no no). I ordered some night time goggles and will give that a try. This dry eye is so annoying, never know whats next.
    If life is a bowl of cherries, then why I am I stuck in the pits!

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    Do you have a humidifier going in the room?

    Are you getting enough liquids into you during the day if the heat has gone up. Sometimes water just flushes through you so to properly absorb it you need to have some calories with it. Think of adding a splash of one of those sports drinks to your water...or even better if you can get coconut water (not milk) that contains magnesium and potassium from a health food store and put some of that in your water (this tip from my nutritionist)

    I started using Genteal GEL (not ointment) as I have just realized that it my nighttime experiences that affect teh quality of the next day re dry eye. I started using this at the suggestion of six people through this site. I have noticed a big difference the last three nights, and the days.

    I have in the past found that a bad nights sleep makes for a bad day with my one dry eye.

    Don't know if any of this helps but thats my "two cents"

    Good luck, I am thankful for the fog in San Francisco, never thought I would say that!



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      you eat this leafs either cooked or juice made out of it you get slowly cured from it.

      Ponnanganni Keerai
      The Botanical name of this greens is 'Alternanthera sessilis'. Sanskrit name is Matsyakshi. The common English name is Dwarf copperleaf/ Joyweed/ Sessile joyweed. Well...we call that "Ponanganni keerai" in Tamil. It is body coolant. It gradually induces a change, and restores healthy functions without evacuations (Alterative). Specifically recommended in the case of - - Fever - Eye ailments - Asthma - Gonorrhea - Syphilis

      To my knowledge it improves eye sight! As the name implies it improves one's complexion! People say its good for Piles complaint and reduces flabbiness. #########
      Raw eating cures all deceases.
      whole body cure is eye cure
      FOOD (Natural, chemical free), Environment (air, water, noise), Relaxed Mind makes decease free


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        I have sticky eyelids and lashes all day and it does drive you nuts after awhile. Every blink is a constant reminder that something is wrong and not working right with your eyes. I wish that I could help you with a quik fix but I have yet to find one myself. I personally think that your eyes and/or eyelids are producing to much oil or mucus. By the way now that you have physical symptoms that a doctor can see, now might be a good time to have it looked at.. Also it is allergy season???