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  • Suggestions on supplements to take.

    Hello Dr. Lange,

    It was nice of you helping us all. I want to know whether any supplements help me. To give a history of my case,I had Lasik done on both my eyes 6 months ago. Before that I had a retinal hole in my right eye which was found during a routine checkup and was lasered. I got my lasik done in India and because of work I had to move to australia after 15 days of Lasik. After reaching here, in 4 days my right eye got red and had severe photophobia. When I visited the Optometrist here in Australia, she said that it was Corneal Edema and gave me an emergency referral to an opthamologist. Since it was new years eve, the eye clinic was closed for 5 days, so I had to visit the emergency. They thought that it might be an infection and I was put on antibiotic and anti inflamamtory drops immediately. As soon as I started the drops, my eye redness and photophobia were gone. After 5 days I visited the ophtamologist and she said that it was anterior uveitis, started Prednisolone drops and ran through lot of blood tests and x -rays. All tests were negative and since the inflammation was still there after 3 weeks, I was aggressively put on prednisolone drops (one drop every hour) and referred to an Uveitis specialist. When I visited the Uveitis specialist after a week, she said it was not Uveitis but the pigment cells which the Iris emit. To cut my long story shot, there was no definite conclusion of the problem I got and I was on Prednisolone drops for 4 months. I stopped Prednisolone drops 2 months ago and during my checkup last month my eye was fine. After that from the last fortnight, I have red and itchy right eye and when I consulted the optometrist, she said that I have dry eye from Lasik and I have to manage it somehow by drops and warm compress. She also said that I have astigmatism and should start wearing glasses for that and my eye needs to recover from teh prednisolone drops. My work consists of working on a computer minimum for 8 hours a day under high fluorescent lights. My condition is worse when I am at work.

    Can you please suggest me some supplements that can help me.


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    1000 mg / day of high quality fish oil/Omega 3. Check with your eye doctor for the proper dose for you.
    Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.


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      supplements for dry eyes and tired eyes.

      Great questions, it is very common to have dry eyes after lasik surgery, using a good unpreserved artificial tear like oasys tears pllus is my favorite combined with proper lid hygiene and the warm compresses with lid massage is important. However the addition of a good triglyceride based fish oil at a minimum of EPA 860 and dha of 580 and often times twice that amoutbfor a few months, discuss this with your physician. Astaxanthin 6mg a day has been shown in many studies to aid an accomadative fatigue related to computer work, theis is a powerful carotenoid that gives wild alaskan salmon its orange color, or eat a good size of wild alaskan salmon daily (not farm raised or norwegian salmon), u can add some GLA from borage oil or black currant seed oil to this and it will help the dry eyes, Dont over do the GLA because too much GLA becomes pro inflammtory. GLA stimulates PGE1 an anti inflammatory prostaglandin and the fish oil stimulates pge3 also an anti inflammatory prostaglandin, the fish oil and astaxanthin help to supress the pge2 that is pro inflammatory, it does not block it just supresses it ( u dont want to block this enzyme pathway). I like at least a ten to one ratio of fish oil to gla. I am stil finalizing our new Fortifeye Dry Eye Extreme formaul and really hoping to have it avaialble soon. Go to and go to the section on omega three and read the three articles on omega three and dry eyes. Keep me posted. Make sure your optometrist montors your eye pressure since you may be predisposed to elevated pressure in your eye which is a risk for glaucoma if you have iris pigmenttion on your corneal endothelium? Also the steroids can cause elevated pressure so routine pressure checks a good idea, since you have had lasik surgery your pressure will real lower than it really is so make sure you always let your docs know this. Keep me posted. Dr. Mike


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        Thanks Kitty!


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          Thank a lot Dr.Lange for your detailed reply. I will start taking the fish oil, GLA. I think I have to take Astaxanthin pills as Wild Alaskan salmon is not available in our place.
          Regarding Astaxanthin, on some sites I read that it may interfere with hormones/birth control pills. Can you please give more insight on the Astaxanthin and its effect female harmones? How long Astaxanthin can be taken without any problem?
          I noted your points regarding the eye pressure and iris pigmentation and will talk to my optometrist and opthamologist on my coming visit.


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            Dr. Michael lange comments on safety of astaxanthin

            great question and i see you have been doing your home work. sorry for the delay, i over looked your answer for quite a while, i am going to try to stay more up to date in the reply on this site.

            Biomass based trials in humans have not produced any adverse
            effects with dosing durations of 4 weeks up to 6 months at
            intakes ranging from 100 to 1000 mg biomass (equivalent to 4
            mg/kg to 40 mg/kg pure astaxanthin/day). This data indicated
            that astaxanthin has no safety concerns based on full
            haematological analysis and subject questionnaires.

            ongoing research is proving that even very high dosages of natural astaxanthin is extremely safe. The newest studies are actaully pretty amazing regarding astaxanthin. Great for improving focusing ability in the eye and reducing eye fatigue, improved circulation to retina and brian, anti inflammatory effects, studies indicating reduction in fine lines and wrinkles on face, less dryness in the body, improved muscle recovery and muscle endurance, lower cholesterol, sun protection to the epidermins(skin), support retinal health just to mention a few. So bottom line is if you take the natural form from algea and not from yeast and do not take the synthetic type derived from beta carotene you will be fine!! Most of the negativity on astaxanthin is basd on synthetic astaxanthin, another reason to stay away from farm raised salmon. Our New formula we have is called Fortifeye Focus with 6mg of astaxanthin (natural) and a little lutein and zeaxanthin is ideal. Happy Holidays.

            Dr. Michael Lange