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Swollen eyelids

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  • Swollen eyelids

    Dr. Latkany,

    My eyelids are extremely swollen (about 1/4 inch thick) every morning when I wake up. It looks like I either had eyelid surgery or had an injury to both of my eyes. The swelling usually goes down (some swelling still remains throughout the day) after about an hour after I wake up in the morning. The swollen eyelid symptoms started at the same time that my DES started, and I am sure that it is not an allergic reaction. Do you have any idea what might be causing this swelling and how I could manage it more effectively?



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    Hard to say. Some possibilities would include Lagophthalmos (inability ot close the eyes fully at night), allergic reaction to something in your bed like your pet, husband or dust mites, or just a poor quality and quantity night of sleep or a combination of the above. It is probably a combination and basically there is nothing else it could be. Address each issue with your doctor and you will figure it out by trial and error.

    Dr L


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      Hi Dr. Latkany,

      Thanks for your answer to my question. I have been sleeping with the traquileyes, genteal gel in my eyes, and a humidifier in my bedroom for the past week, and I still notice no change in the swelling of my eyelids. They are extremely swollen (about 1/4 inch) in the morning. The swelling does go down somewhat, but my eyelids are always very fat and puffy throughout the day. There are many times that I wish I could get them drained so that they did not ache so much. I think that the swelling and achiness actually bother me more than the dry eye symptoms. Am I experiencing bilateral lacrimal gland swelling? Is puffiness a symptom of dry eye or is it a symptom of another problem that is causing my dry eye? Is it common for ocular rosacea to cause that degree of swelling in the morning and throughout the day?



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        You may be allergic to the foam in the Tranquileyes goggle. Ask your doctor about seeing an allergist for an allergy panel test.

        I cannot comment about your lacrimal glands.

        Puffiness can be a symptom of dry eye but more likely allergic issues and/or blepharitis.

        Yes on the rosacea question.

        Dr L