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HELP!!! Constant Red Eyes ruining my social life and self esteem....

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  • HELP!!! Constant Red Eyes ruining my social life and self esteem....

    I have dry eyes. What do you use to reduce the appearance of red eyes? I am having a difficult time getting my eyes clear again. My constant red eyes are affecting my social life. I welcome all recommendations. Thanks.

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    The first step is to find out what's causing the redness. You "have dry eyes" - but what kind of dry eye and why, and do you have anything else going on? These are questions your doctor(s) need to investigate. You haven't posted much information about yourself, so the possibilities are endless. The redness might be due to toxic preservatives in the eyedrops you're using. It might be due to allergies. It might be due to untreated meibomian gland disease. Et cetera.

    Solutions usually start with a good diagnosis.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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      I know exactly how you feel for I have experienced the same problem and I am kind of going through a phase right now where my eyes are noticeably red. My best advice is to find a good doctor asap and clearly explain what is going on with your eyes. I was really scared the first time this happened to me because I thought my eyes would always be red, however they did get better and there are options out there that will help solve this problem. I hope this helps.


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        Tired of my red eyes

        I have been suffering from red eyes for about 7 years now and it is EXTREMELY frustrating. I've gone to several doctors and optometrists and nothing they have suggested has helped. I don't know what to do anymore. I just bought the tranquileyes and bought a face mask, so I will try that. I've done the lid scrubs and eye drops, but that hasn't helped at all. It is so embarrassing for them to be red all the time. I look so tired all the time. My doctor and optometrist say that nothing is wrong except my eyes are dry, but I don't know WHY they are dry. I sit in front of a computer all day so I know that is part of the problem, but I can't avoid work. I tried using drops every hour, but even that didn't help the redness. My eyes aren't uncomfortable at all, but I am SO sick of my red eyes. Any suggestions??? I am losing hope!!!


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          Redness comes with inflammations. Inflammations come with dryness, if you dont have other eye problems.
          Once oral Doxy. removed the redness totally, for 2 or 3 days. But the dryness were much more serious than normal, I felt like I got no tear at all. Inflammation really brings some tear and that helps a little bit.
          Honestly, if I could choose, I would better have pain on eyes than redness, better a little red vessels and some comfort too. But now I got redness again. Im still on Doxy. but it doesnt work much against redness as it once did.

          I'm 26 and I feel my life is totally changed and I dont know what will happen next. I cant imagine that I have to wear sunglasses everywhere and I cant avoid eye contact with other people all the time. So I try to stay alone as much as possible.


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            I hate the red eyes as well. I hate pain also, however. What a dilemma we are sometimes in. Once I put Restasis in my eyes in the morning, a big part of my redness noticeably disappears. This is right away. This is done after taking a shower, washing eyes with very diluted baby shampoo, then eyelid scrub, then rinsing with Unisol 4 saline, then once out of the shower, taking a q-tip and gently wiping the eyelids (using Unisol 4 saline on the q-tip)... My eyes are still pretty red at this point, then comes the Restasis....


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              The redness/bloodshot eyes is what bothers me the most as well. I would much rather more personal discomfort if my eyes had a normal white appearance. My eyes were never crystal clear with contacts but after the Lasik d-day on November 17, 2005 it was all downhill. Now the nasal sides of my eyes are constantly red and bloodshot and I have not been able to get rid of them or minimize their appearance. The dry eyes/redness has zapped my confidence and has nearly consumed my thoughts throughout the day. I have easily spent FAR more $ on eye treatments than I did on the initial LASIK surgery. Oh how I miss putting my contacts in in the morning and taking them out at night w/ a few drops in between. Now my daily regimen takes 10x the amount of time to complete. I guess the grass is not greener on the LASIK side. DN