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Sunblock and Burning Eyes

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  • Sunblock and Burning Eyes

    This seems so trivial to post, but it's a good reminder. Today, I used sunblock on my face before going outdoors and on to an appointment. This was a "kid's" brand called Dri-Blok by Banana Boat. Well, yow, I put this stuff on at 1:00 pm and it's 8:00 pm now and I'm still "smarting."

    I had to be at an appointment at 2 pm and had a hard time driving, even with my Panoptx goggles (with darkened lens). I washed my eyes out with water, took a wet washcloth and cleaned the area, used Thera-Tears profusely and none of it seemed to help.

    The "active ingredients" are: Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisilate, Octocrylene, Oxybenzone. I'm not checking spelling of those, or the percentage in product as I had to use a magnifying glass to read the label. This stuff is potent and I don't ever remember getting burning eyes to this extent and I've used a lot of sunblock in my time. Moreover, it's for children. Not sure why I bought it as I don't have any of those.

    Take special care when putting sunblock or suntan lotion on your face, especially around your eyes!!! It burns badly.

    Lucy with the bloodshot,squinting eyeballs.
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

    The Dry Eye Queen

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    Sunblock makes my eyes burn even when I'm just carefully applying it to my kids. I just can't tolerate the smell and the feel....I just hate the stuff. So, I buy the spray on stuff.

    For myself, I use a facial cream made by Mary Kay. It's made to be used before applying foundation. It has a 15 SPF in it and it doesn't bother me at all. I like it a lot.

    Sorry about your bad day, Luc. At least you didn't get sunburned...
    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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      I use a 15 SPF sunscreen lotion by Dr. Hauschka --active ingredient is Titanium Dioxide, but it doesn't make your skin white at all. Doesn't sting or smell funny. Kind of pricey, but it lasts a long time.



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        Lucy, DianaT, Calli66,

        Wow, so I'm not alone on this one. Everytime I use sunblock my eyes just about KILL me!!! I've tried many and I agree with DianaT, it seems if you are using a moisturizer which contains sunblock it does not seem to have the same burning effect as the sunblock creams and lotions do. After both my hubby and I ended up with skin cancer and both had surgery, I bought him Neutrogena moisturizer that contains sunblock. He is still in training as far as using this on a routine basis... Anyway, when I feel the need for EXTRA sunblock, I will use this (on top of my moisturizer and foundation)... Lucy, I would think a children's brand of sunblock would be more gentle, and was wondering if that is why you originally bought this brand... DianaT, I would love to know the spray on brand you are using. I don't put anything anywhere near my eyes, but once and awhile it migrates there anyway! OUCH!!! Sorry we are all in the same boat on this! Judy
        Last edited by Judy; 30-May-2007, 11:47.


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          I just wanted to add that I use the Dr. Hauschka product every day on my face and neck regardless of whether I plan to go outside for any length of time. I have lived in sunny New Mexico since 1976 and the skin on my nose, especially, is pretty damaged and leathery. No skin cancer yet, though.

          I think you just have to try all the brands and figure out which ones aren't irritating for you. I have tried brands from the Health Food Store--assumed they would somehow be more "natural" or less irritating. But some of these are really terrible--and if any gets around your mouth, it's bitter and awful. Others are "natural" but leave you looking white like a ghost.



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            I actually have problems with a lot more than just sunscreen. If I put face lotion or aftershave anywhere close to my eyes, they instantly start to be very bothersome. My dry eye is very warmth/evaporation related and im usually fine when in outdoor heat luckily when I actually need the sunscreen.



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              I know what you mean Daren as even most of the "sensitive eye creams and lotions" tend to burn and sting my eyes... I haven't tried the aftershave and hopefully won't be doing this (seeing as I'm a female!!)!!


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                read with interest discussion on sun creams/face creams
                I have very dry skin and really need to use creams
                For the face - I only use vaseline hyoallergenic intensive -care cream - missing out the eyes - I go as far as the eyebrows and up to the orbit of the eyes only
                For the lids I now squirt on claramist and wipe it around the eye with my finger(It is'nt very oily but it does contain lipids and of couse is good for DE)
                For ;shampoos ; showergel and bodylotion
                I have stopped using anything other than E45 products I dont know if they have these in USA - They are completely hypoallergenic and are used a lot by dermatologists for minor skin conditions
                Unfortunately I have not found anything for sun screeningAny ideas ?
                I shall just have to stay out of the sun- If we get any in GB
                We plan to go in an RV to France and Switzerland for 6 weeks in June / July so we will get sun there
                Hav'nt decided what to use yet
                On legs and arms I would use artificial tan - the sort which gradually increases as you use it -Johnsons baby products produce a week but quite effective cream that gradually tans and it is pretty non-allergic
                I am VERY careful about handwashing following the use of any creams whatsoever ,especially as I get relief from the prickle and itch by" pinching" my eye-lids Stella


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                  On legs and arms I would use artificial tan - the sort which gradually increases as you use it -Johnsons baby products produce a week but quite effective cream that gradually tans and it is pretty non-allergic
                  Stella, I don't think this artificial tan will protect you from sunburn or UV.

                  Also, no I didn't buy the lotion because it was for children. I was on vacation and it was on the shelf at the store and I just grabbed it.

                  My eyes are still "squinty" and sore today. Needless to say, I didn't use sunblock today before going out.
                  Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

                  The Dry Eye Queen


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                    My eyes just hurt thinking about wearing sun lotion. I guess they are just driving me batty today anyway..... Stay out of the sun!!


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                      The brand of spray on sunscreen I used it Coppertone Sport. I only apply it once to myself and my kids and it does the trick pretty much all day. (And I have a couple of redheads). If they're playing in the water I do reapply.

                      I do feel lucky that I found the facial moisturizer with SPF 15. It doesn't bother me at all. The rest of the lotions make me cringe.

                      Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                        another one

                        I use City Block by Clinique. Clinique is hypoallergenic and it also has a light tint to it. Comes in different shades. I've used it for a couple of years. It has an SPF15 in it. This one doesn't hurt my eyes. (and.. sigh...everything does) I use it instead of makeup.



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                          ((( ((( ((( Lucia! ))) ))) )))

                          Hope all is well there and watch out for that sunblock!



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                            Thanks you guys !
                            Plenty of ideas there
                            PS This may not be the right place to post - but good news for me
                            I went on a course of doxycycline and the improvement in my eyes is amazing !!
                            Neither my own Dr or myself were quite sure how to use it so i brought her a print- out from this website - result
                            she started me on100mgms daily for a week then down to
                            50 mgms for 9 days then down to 25mgms but unfortunately after 3 days on 25 i had to stop -- side effects of skin sensitivity - itching and soreness especially the scalp and my feet of all things (I was getting blisters when i walked)
                            However even in that short time my eyes are soooo much better
                            I am a bit worried that i have found something that works and what a spite - that i have side effects !!!
                            Next time (maybe there will be no next time ) i will start at the lower dose of 25 mgms daily and see if that works for me
                            Its the same old problem of dry /allergic skin/scalp


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                              I use a tear free baby sunblock, made by Banana boat.
                              I put it on with disposable sponge type makeup applicators.
                              I try be careful not to get any on my hands . I have found a good deal of my problems come from touching something, then touching my eyes.

                              Even tissues are now suspect.
                              I noticed a good deal of the paper products , tissues, cosmetic pads, q-tips etc, sold in Germany these days are newly touting Clorine free on the lables.
                              I guess it can be problematic for some.
                              I would have never even thought of tissues being a possible culprit.