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Eye makeup remover?

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  • Eye makeup remover?

    I know I included this question in another open forum issue,but I really wanted to get feedback from the women out there. After not wearing eye makeup for more than 2 months my eye doc just said he thought it would be okay to use it again.
    Here's my queation though, he thought an oily or greasy eye makeup remover would help with my blepharitis, but I'm using Physcian's Formula pads and I think they are making my eyes worse.
    Any suggestions?
    I know I probably shouldn't use eye makeup at all (do any of you?), but after seeing pictures from New Year's Eve that scared me to death, I thought I'd try it and see what happens!

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    I use Dove soap and water to remove make-up. Always have. I wear light foundation and smudge proof eyeliner. No mascara or eye shadow. I miss it but I don't want it in my eyes or running everytime I use drops.

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      What kind of smudge proof eyeliner? Maybe it's time to try it. I've not worn eye makeup in a year or more. I miss it terribly. My goal in life is to be able to wear and enjoy all the eye makeup I want for my daughter's wedding.

      She's only three years old now, so I'm giving "science" some time to cure me.
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        Eyeliner question

        I've been using Revlon Timeliner for Eyes. It's a waterproof eyeliner pencil. Unfortunately, I can't remove it with soap and water--must use an oily eye makeup remover which irritates my eyes somewhat (Almay brand). The Occusoft eyelid scrub pads do a great job of removing the eyeliner, but are rather expensive to use on a daily basis. I can't wear eyeshadow or mascara--both make my dry eyes burn. Anybody else out there have any tips for makeup for dry eyes?


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          eye makeup

          I wear a pencil eyeliner that promises to stay on for a long time. Maybelline, I believe. I also wear neutral brown shades of eyeshadow. I do not apply it directly on my upper lid, but use a darker shade in the crease of the eyelid, and a lighter shade up to the eyebrows. It is not all that noticeable, but the shading does enhance the eye.
          I will wear mascara for something special. I find that when I wear it I increase the chances of getting a flake in my eye. While that was no big deal it seems to scratch my eye and for the rest of the day I feel like it is still there. Perhaps I should look for a non-flaking brand.
          I did notice they had something in the mascara section that wasn't really mascara....I can't remember what they called it. Supposed to look more natural and not be as heavy as mascara. Perhaps that would be better?? Anybody know what I am talking about??
          Speaking of mascara, did you ever notice all the choices you have? Non flaking, non smudging, extra long, extra thick. Why don't they just make one mascara that does it all?? Why do I have to choose??


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            I just got back from the eye dr. and I asked a female assistant there what they recommend. She said she personally uses Clinque and it works for her, but the laser center itself recommends Almay. It's worth a shot!
            They also said the oils in these removers may actually help with my blepharitis....we'll see.


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              Other Option

              Anybody else out there have any tips for makeup for dry eyes?
              I just can't resist. You can all try going naked. Eyes Au naturale'........
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                There is a clear mascara which really just enhances your eyelashes. The good thing is it doesn't flake or fall off, thus you won't get anything in your eyes because of it.
                Lucy, I know what you mean about going au natural. I did it for 2 months, but I always feel like I "feel" better if I look better, so I wanted to try and spruce myself up a bit.
                I always feel like I have something in my eyes because of the dryness, so wearing the mascara and eyeshadow doesn't seem to help or hurt the situation. Might as well look good even if I don't feel good!