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Sinus and headache and dry eyes?

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  • Sinus and headache and dry eyes?

    I have dry red eyes every morning. Also, my nose feels so DRY in morning and all the time. I have buring pain behind my eye and red espicially in high beam light, airports, different hotels. Just not sure. I also have headache that hurts right in my forhead. Like i said, docs never figured out why i have dry eyes. Been to 3 different eye docs. Just say dry eyes. BUt i think it might be from sinus of some sort. I did have a broken nose corrected 7 years ago. So not sure if something is matter there. IT could be allergies but not sure b/c allergy eye drops make it worse. So who know.s just wonder if from someone experience sinus and relate to dry eyes and red eyes and buring pain, etc...espicailly with lighting, etc...

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    I can relate to this. My sinuses have always bothered me a bit but in recent years, they seem to be more troublesome - and I sneeze an awful lot. Any consultant that I ask about this says that it is just one of those things - and probably no connection at all. I'm not entirely convinced though.


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      I sometimes wake up with a stuffy left nostril, if I have sinus pain it is on the left and if I get a sore throat, yes it is more sore on the left side.

      My one bad eye is, yes you have guessed, my left eye. For me I know there is a connection.



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        I've noticed many people saying that the left eye is the worst one.

        I also suffer with iritis / uveitis - and it always attacks the right eye. That eye is now weaker and I have a cataract because of all the steroids. I would have thought that my right eye would have been more prone to being troublesome in other respects but it's not the case.

        Both eyes burn but the left one displays no mercy at all. The eyelashes on the left side are in a dreadful state but that should be the least of my worries.


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          dry eyes and sinus pain

          Hi Shane,
          I have Sjogren's Syndrome and two of my most annoying symptoms are dry eyes and sinus pain, even sinus migraines. Have your doctors ever looked at that illness? A rheumotologist would be able to help you with that type of diagnosis.
          Good luck,


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            Shane -

            You posted recently (and somewhat rudely no less) that your problems had been resolved with Patanol/Pataday?!?


            You continue to post this same query...and never seem to want to hear the feedback. Very strange.




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              I guess you had a brief allergy drop honeymoon and then a rebound?

              Light sensitivity is very common with dry eye. Many are particularly sensitive to fluorescent lights in big stores, airports etc.

              Certainly there are connections between sinuses and dry eye. What it is and how it works... I really haven't a clue.

              I think that - after talking to your doctor about why the allergy drops are no longer working - you should go back and read the many comments in the threads Gretchen provided the links to. Lots of good leads to explore. No one is trying to diagnose or fix you: We're here to share thoughts and ideas with each other. Showing a little appreciation for others' efforts is always welcome
              Rebecca Petris
              The Dry Eye Zone