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New pain medication - codydramol and diclofenac sodium - will it work?

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  • New pain medication - codydramol and diclofenac sodium - will it work?

    I went to the doctor this morning to get more doxycycline (I'm 2 weeks in a 2 month course to treat recurring corneal erosions due to ABMD) and I did the usual line, since it was a different doctor to my normal one -
    "Is there ANYTHING you can do for the pain? It's unbearably agonising when it happens and I need to be able to get myself to the hospital. The strongest OTC drugs (in the UK = Co-codamol, mixture of paracetamol and codeine) don't even touch the sides of the pain."

    So the nice doctor has given me a prescription for Co-dydramol which is slightly stronger. Apparently it's addictive - and it's a repeat prescription for boxes of 100!!!! Crikey! I can see how people could easily fall into the trap of developing an addiction to pain meds. My erosions only happen around once every 24 days and last a day, so this box should last me at least a year and a half. I'm not complaining.

    He's also given me diclofenac sodium tablets, which are an anti-inflammatory drug, he said when it next happens, I should first take these, then the co-dyramol if I need something extra. I can't use diclofenac drops because I'm wearing bandage contact lenses.

    THANK THE LORD I've FINALLY been given something to help with the pain. How many times do you need to beg and plead in the UK? (I've had 3 GP appointments for it, 3 corneal specialist ones and numerous A&E trips, I've asked about pain control every single time, not just drugs but any technique whatsoever and the answer's always been - "nothing really helps" and refusal to dish out the anaesthetic eye drops which do work)

    When an erosion happens I usually end up going over the recommended intake of co-codamol, I'm just not in my right mind and the urge is uncontrollable so I'm really glad I've got something else to try.

    Does anyone have experience with these drugs?
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    I don't have any experience of using these particular drugs but I just wanted to say that I share your frustration with doctors in the UK. I have seen several doctors, both private and NHS, in the UK and they all dismiss me when I explain how much pain I am in. My problem is a lack of mucous on my eyes which causes severe burning pain, however, not only will no-one test for this or offer any kind of explanation (other than that my eyes don't produce enough tears - and I know that!), I have been giving nothing at all to help with the pain. I come away from each appointment pretty much being told that the pain is in my mind and that they can't find any clinical evidence to support my symptoms!

    It's so frustrating!!!