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Is pain under the brow bone a symptom of DES?

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  • Is pain under the brow bone a symptom of DES?

    I have lately pain on the lids as well as above right under the eye brows. I wonder if the pain under the brow that feels muscular in nature is related to the dry eyes or my tmjd? Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

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    Hi re pain under brow bone...

    Hello vicki I too have pain under brow bones and also in my facial bones my doctor referred me to sinus clinic for a scan in a few weeks, is your pain connected to your sinus es as well i was wondering as when i talked to my doc he says that since the eyes sinus and teeth are so closely together one thing such as des could affect other areas of face causing the pains.may be worth seeing your doctor for this one..Also does anyone know if having sinus problems can trigger dry eye and how it does this...Take care vicki and best wishes to you..


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      I get pain under my brow bone too. I was told recently by the opthamologist that the eye, unlike the skin, has difficulty in determining where the pain is specifically coming from (in terms of nerve functioning). So you can feel pain anywhere in the eye region, including brow bone and into the face even if that isn't specifically where the damage is.


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        I have DES and brow bone pain constantly. I assume some of it is caused by the eye strain which is the bi-product of my dry eye.
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          I have pain in my brow bones, jaw, temples and besides my nose (sinus type)

          I've been congested for a while so I'm also wondering if sinus make dry eye worse.

          Since I stopped antihistamines (I used to taek zyrtec ocxe a day- now just benadryl here and there), I don't take anything for sinus, just ocean saline and do vapor theray (sometimes).
          Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear


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            THank you all for responding. I was hoping this pain was related to my other issues but I guess it is not. Maria I am sorry you have pain in so many areas. I have problems myself with my jaw, head and neck. I am glad you stopped antihistamines as they seem to be known to make matters worse. Do you guys think it is okay to massage the bone under the brows? What about the temples? My temples have been bad years before the dry eyes. I tend to use a ton of pressure sometimes when doing massages and wonder if I could damage anything.


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              You could probably easily do a search on pressure points where it is appropriate to apply pressure on your head and around your eyes. I cannot be certain that intense pressure is really necessary... mild pressure could be just as effective or more. You could ask an accupuncturist maybe. Mine had ideas for me. He did have me apply pressure all around my socket when I felt the need.
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                twitching eye lids

                I've noticed my DES affected eye now twitches. I think this is more a side effect of rubbing and treating the eye - maybe its the same with your pain.
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