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Very dry eyes and NO hands to help..!

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  • Very dry eyes and NO hands to help..!

    I have a physical disability that makes my hand and finger function extremely limited. I'm using a speech program to write this post form me, as my fingers can't use the keyboard.

    With having very dry and painful burning eyes, I'm frustrated as I can't put in eye drops nor eye ointments either. I rely totally on friends or family to help put in my eye products, or go without. Just to frustrate me even more, I'm also light sensitive as well..!

    On advice from a friend with quite bad Sjogren's, I was told to try smart plugs or punctal plugs, and try and find a pair of Moisture Chamber Goggles with a good elastic head band to hold them well in place.. Their thoughts are to try and keep my eyes as moist as I can, so no need to use eye drops or ointments, until bedtime. this is where a team of care nurses toilet and shower me, then I get put into my bed for the night.. These guys are fantastic and care for my eyes both in the mornings and again at bedtimes but they aren't with me most of my day...

    Anybody wear Moisture Chamber Goggles or have better ways of helping me through this sticky mess... Be grateful to hear from you...

    can anybody help as I have no idea of what type or kind of Moisture Chamber Goggles that would work the best for me...?

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    I don't know if they are any good but what about lacriserts, you are supposed to only need them once or twice a day.

    I see you are in New Zealand, and therefore probably can't get lacriserts there. If NZ is like OZ though, there will be a special access scheme to allow you to import unapproved drugs, you would need to find a doctor who could be bothered filling out all the paperwork though. If you or your family members travel overseas you may also be able to perfectly legally bring back medicines for personal use, check the rules for NZ.


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      Trying plugs is a good start as they are something that once put in require no maintenance on your part throughout the day.


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        Hi Mike, I posted this in another thread, but copied it here in case you couldn't find it.

        I'm not sure if it is me that you have addressed your question about moisture chamber goggles, but I will go ahead and answer

        I have used moisture chamber goggles and glasses from time to time. I certainly were glasses when out in the wind. In the early days post lasik, I did notice a difference with the glasses. Now I don't notice much of a difference when I wear them, but MANY people here do benefit from them.

        It wounds like you have some difficulty with inserting drops. There are some things that I think you could try:

        1. Moisture release eyewear. I couldn't find these on the DEZ shop, but maybe I didn't look well enough. These glasses have a little reservoir that release moisture as you wear them, see link.

        2. Some people use an eye mist spray. It acts similarly to an eye drop. I'm not sure if it would be easier to manage than an eye dropper bottle.

        3. There is also a product called, Lacriesert. It is a pellet that is inserted once a day, in the lower lid. It releases moisture throughout the day as it dissolves.

        4. Just an idea . . . have you worked with an occupational therapist yet? An OT worker might be able to come up with a tool that will allow you to manage some drops or ointment. I would hope that they would be able to offer you some tools or suggestions around how to gain more mobility in general. Sorry if I'm stating a strategy you've already tried.

        I'm not sure how many of the products I've listed are available in New Zealand. I would check with your local pharmacies. If not readily available they may be able to order in, or have other suggestions. Also, check with your eye doc. If a product requires a prescription (e.g. lacriserts), your doctor could get this ordered, even if not available in New Zealand.

        Best of luck! I really hope some of these options are of help to you.

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          Hi Hopeful2,

          Thanks so much for your helpful advice and the links. I had heard of a mist spray but had no luck in finding it, so thanks for this helpful info.

          I hadn't heard of the moisture releasing glasses but they may be my answer, if I have difficulty with lacriserts as I'd like to try them first.

          I have a friend in the States that told me a little about the lacriserts as she uses them herself, and has recommended I ask the eye Dr if I can try them. But I had no idea of what they were like to see or how they are placed onto the eye. My friend uses four sets of lacriserts per day and uses natural tear drops regularly as well.. Her eyes are almost constantly sticking to her eyelids most days and also wears special moisture chamber goggles as well.. Her fear now is her vision is starting to blur and her specialist is very concerned she may get bad enough to be legally blind, poor thing..

          Thanks again Hopeful2 and I appreciate your support - Mike from NZ


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            Are you able to put warm or cold compress on your eye? What anout lipiglow. It id s once a year or twice a year treeatment. I a sorry for your pain.