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Enlarged/painful extra ocular eye muscles

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  • Enlarged/painful extra ocular eye muscles

    Hi all

    I'm aware that in addition to DES I have problems with my eye muscles - namely they get very tired and strained easily, and if this goes too far the impact lasts for days or even weeks. DES likely doesn't help this, but now we've discovered 2 of my muscles are enlarged on an MRI scan - 1 of which I've been suggesting to my ophth has been an issue since 2008.

    - Left medial rectus (next to nose)
    - Left inferior oblique (bottom of eye)

    I think some of my muscles and/or tendons are also affected in terms of use, but not necessarily enlarged. This is likely due to the same autoimmune process that attacked my thyroid and lids + lacrimal gland.

    I've tried steroids both topical and systemic which haven't seemed to help much. Anyone else with this muscle issue?

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    Do u see double vision while both eyes opened? and normal if any of of the eye is closed?
    i read today somehwre that people who face such binocular vision problems, have some problem with extra ocular muscles..

    I face problem of double vision for which i was searching on google and found this info...
    Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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      No I don't have double vision.