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Swollen Painful Eyelid

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  • Swollen Painful Eyelid

    I've been having trouble with a swollen right top eyelid for a while now, its worse in the morning and nights but has been getting worse all the time, the opths I've seen don't seem to care about it and just think i'm worried about the way it looks drooping pretty low it sometimes affects vision and also when I look up i get a lot of pain in that eye like a sharp nerve pain sort of feeling. Any ideas as I'm getting nothing from the specialists and is there anything to decrease inflammation?

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    I would go back to my gp and tell him/her all my concerns and ask for meds: pills and drops to sort out the pain and inflammation. Then ask for another referral to a diff opth who listens. If your lid droops and it is affecting your vision a lot then you may want to discuss some sort of botox injections, surgery (extreme cases) with your doc and if that may help if things get really bad. If they dont listen then see a diff gp/opth until one listens.
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