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  • Tape Eyelids Shut

    Here is something that has worked great for me... Simply tape your eyelid(s) shut with medical or athletic tape at bedtime. I must sleep with my eyes partially open, but since doing this I have noticed a significant improvement in the appearance and feel of my dry eyes.

    It's difficult to find effective tape that is easy on the skin. I must've tried a dozen or so different kinds of tape already. Reading others' tips, I'll have to try paper tape as a potential option.
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    I agree it helps, also I use Glad Press and Seal wrap. I just cut the squares the size I need . You can adjust and reposition it pretty easy.
    If your skin is very clean it sticks too well, try placing the wrap first on your hand a couple of times to make it less clingy.


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      That's a great idea! Thank you. I will give that a try.


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        Does the plastic wrap stay on if you sleep on your side? The side-sleeping issue is that main reason I don't sleep with my tranquileyes mask.

        I "glue" my eyes closed with Genteal Gel at bedtime. I squeeze in a big drop into each eye, close my eyes, and when some excess gel oozes out, I smear it around with my finger and then let it dry on my lashes/eyelids. It effectively glues my eyelids shut (as I have to kind-of pry them open in the morning).

        I must also sleep with my eyes partly open, as this has really helped me a lot. I tried taping them closed but found the tape to be uncomfortable and (as you mention) hard on my skin.



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          I spent a small fortune on different tapes until I found the one that worked best for me. Hopefully you'll be able to find one gentle enough for your eyelids. For the first while, my eyelids were a bit sore, but to be honest, it was absolutely worth it for how my eyes felt. After about a week, the difference was significant. I still continue to tape one of my eyes shut, with the hope that it will completely repair my one dry eye.


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            Yes the Press and Seal stays put. I also sleep on my side. It has a light adhesive, but less than tape. I just cut a few squares and keep them bedside.
            I tried the tape but never could get used to it. Besides it seemed to pull out my lashes.


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              Taping eyes

              I taped my eyes for about 10 years. The only tape gentile enough is 3m 1" microfoam tape. Try it. Much better than the micropore. (Foam = gentile) Makes a great seal and comes off easily in the morning.

              I switched to saran wrap after 10 years for several reasons. They both work. Now I recently purchased the tranquileyes goggles and so far they are the best out of the three options for night time protection.


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                press and seal or clingwrap

                It also helps it stay put if you put a bit of vaseline on the areas you want it to stick to. I actually learned that tip on here from someone


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                  Though I haven't tried Sabrina's tip to use vaseline I would have thought that this might inhibit the plaster sticking? I've had DES in my right eye for 14 years and have only had to use Lacrilube at night - until last week when a hospital doctor advised me to tape the lids together and gave me some 3M Transpore to do it with. I haven't yet managed to tape the lids completely together, but the dryness has eased a bit. Perhaps this is because the tape acts as a shield or the improvement might be due to my applying Lacrilube more conscientiously On another thread, I see there's a tip to tape the upper lid to the check, so I'll try that, and I've got some Micropore somewhere, so I'll give that a go as well.


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                    My sister does this, as she has dry eye due to facial paralysis from a brain tumour. I don't know what kind of tape she uses though. Funnily I've never considered trying it (I have MGD) but maybe I will! I bought an eye mask to try for the same effect but it was too tight for me to sleep with it on.


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                      My Doc told me that Seal wrap will negatively affect M.Glands...staying wet ..