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Stupid question? Crying

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  • Stupid question? Crying

    Well sometimes I feel like crying and I tell mysefl to stop becasue I think it'll make my dry eyes worse.
    Does anyone feel the same way? I remember once that I cried so much my eyes were soo red afterwards. It irritated me a lot.
    Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear

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    You are correct. The tears produced when crying are a very salty tear and are drying to the eye. Crying won't do your eyes any favors, but I always felt when I was at my most depressed and would allow myself to cry I felt a great deal of emotional relief afterward.
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      I do it that way: If I have to cry I just try to dry the tears very fast so the salt doesnt stay in my eyes too long....


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        I have definitely realized that when I cry, my eyes pay later with much more dryness, redness and pain... My left eye overflows most all of the time anyway; and when my emotions are stirred, it is overflowing overflowing overflowing. It gives away the fact that I'm ABOUT TO CRY. Oh well. I definitely avoid crying at all costs, but I agree with you DianeT that sometimes it is such an emotional relief, it may be necessary. Sorry to babble!


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          so often i felt like crying..... becoz being a young of my age, and seeing all these young people who can "live" life to the fullest and not me and....not being able to do many things in life...
          ...not bein able to undertake a relationship with some1.....(because i am someone who really belive dat life isn't life, without sharing it with some1 u love....)

          becoz of all this...i get a very heavy heart and felt like crying...
          but i never cry for more than 2,3 tears...i quickly dry them and force myself not to cry.....bcoz it really make my eye horribbbllee....
          but i also found dat listening and singing music really help me to pass over this feeling.....
          If I have to choose between being happy and sad, I''ll choose being happy....... and you?... so.... stop choosing being unhappy (yeah its hard but....)....stop depressing........ live!!!


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            I can't cry even if I would like to. I do not produce enough tears anymore, strange ?? Only a few tears on my right eye and none on my left eye. And if I cry then my pain is double afterwards.



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              The only thing I would say Maria is that when you are searching for help and relief from this issue, the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask!
              The knowledge base on this site is massive and has been built up over a long time so ask away. Where I come from ( North East of England) we have a saying " Shy boys get nowt (nothing)!". Ask away!


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                Please advise for depression medication

                I have realized that I cannot deal with this without an antiddepressant right now. I tried Cylexa, and had a setback with the burning pain and decided to get off of it (may have had nothing to do with it, but I HAD to do something). So, my shrink wants me to start Cymbalta. He said it is used for patients to help with nerve pain as well as depression. Of course there are numerous side effects and risk, or else I would have started it long ago. Please, some advice on antidpressants that have worked for anyone without making the dry eye worse. I know it varies from person to person, but I'm looking for some information to help make my decision.

                Thanks so much,


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                  I guess it wasn't a stupid question after all...yes, we are allowed to cry, but what I noticed helped me is to rinse out the tears quickly with systane.
                  I also became more selective on what to cry about.
                  By the way many of us, including myself have to deal with other medical conditons besides DES. I have made the decison to take antidepressants, but I'm aslo searching for the one that would not dry my eyes more. I have tried Wellbutrin in the past and made my DES worse (even my nose was extremely dry) I took it for 3 months, but at the time I wasn't diagnosed with DES so I wasn't doing any of the treatments that I do now like Restasis, fish oil, warm compreses.

                  I it is a matter of trying out...I will call my dry eye oftalmologist tomorrow and ask if he knows which has the less dry eye side effects..but many times that is just a vague reference point since we metabolize things differently and may or may not be "the one". I'll try one, if it doesn't work, next, and so on. I have to break this depression cycle.
                  I have read a few threads about antidepresants in this forun and people really get different result. At this point it is worth giving it a try. Good luck to all trying antidepresants.
                  Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear


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                    Crying definitely makes my eyes much worse. My eyelids are red and swolen all the time, and I have swolen bags under my eyes, but after I cry they are far worse for a few days. The other day my mom expressed exasperation that these should be the best days of my life (early thirties, otherwise healthy & fit), but my situation with my kids and my ex make it impossible to sustain any internal peace. I can't use my computer without stumbling onto some video or pic of my kids, and it almost always gets me in a knot.


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                      Can't cry

                      I cannot cry, no matter how upset, happy or sad I am and I feel cheated. I couldn't cry when my youngest daughter graduate summa kum laude. I couldn't cry at my older daughter's engagement. I have her wedding coming up and can't shed a single tear.

                      It's very depressing. But that's what it is.


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                        If I all out sob and ball my eyes out, my eyes feel AWFUL. If I just cry a bit, like shed a few years over a movie or if I feel strongly at the moment, it doesm't effect my eyes much. It's a weird cycle huh? Cry because of these eye problems which actually makes them worse.