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Going abroad scared of flare ups with new relationship helpppppp!!!

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  • Going abroad scared of flare ups with new relationship helpppppp!!!

    Hi everyone!!!

    So I'm only 19 years old and I've had dry eyes quiet for some time now (i think around 4-5 years) what mostly happens is when my eyes are dry my eye lids drop, i'm guessing from the inflammation, so appearance wise they are uneven and its noticable! either that or both drop and I look really tired.

    but the thing is I met this guy a while back but he is living in another country and now we are finally meeting up again after we have grown really close with each other my first, young love with all the works... the thing is we are going away for 3 weeks and I really really wana look forward to it but the ONLY thing that is scaring me is what if my eyes flare up while we are away!!!!!!

    I really don't want to bring up something like because we've only just got together and this disease always makes me feel like I'm not good enough or normal for him (sorry if I sound silly.. only 19 a lot to learn) we are going to spain a fairly hot country and I cannot stop thinking about it I want to look forward to it and I'm scared of even booking it just because of my eyes!

    Just wanted to know how you guys have dealt with flare ups on holiday and how you've coped or what methods do you use while away.

    Sorry again if I sound so silly and preoccupied with looks... I do thank God everyday that my eyesight isn't affected by all of this and I understand that there are worse situations and I should be thankful it isn't so severe..
    but I am a 19 year old girl and I'm in young, stupid love and it does hurt that this is getting in the way of my life... just need some advice and tips

    Thanks everyone!!!!