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Need tips for nightly routine

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  • Need tips for nightly routine

    Hey all,

    Some of you may have read my other posts, but if ot, long story short, RCEs began n my left eye after something got in my eye and caused a tear last July. The doc got the bits out and scraped the eye but the RCEs started shortly after. He told me independent of the injury both my eyes were incredibly dry. I had always noticed a little pain but never bothered with drops or the like. Problem comes in now Shen m sleeping. My eyes get so daytime dry whil I asleep, the RCE in the left eye reoccurs.

    Granted thyv become less frequent, being weeks apart, and stop hurting much quicker, but the irritating blurriness and light sensitivity sticks around weeks. Right when they start to subside another RCE occurs. My nightly regimen now includes a warm eye compress, then Muro in the eye, and Tranquileyes mask (until I pull it off at night...). It seems the longer I sleep, the more likely for an occurrence. Last night though I woke up, felt the dry eye and reapplied muro, but still an hour later woke up with an RCE... Do I need to wash the ye out before applying new ointment?

    I wouldn't even care to wake up at 4 hours and reapply if that would help, but last night seems to say it wouldn't. What about inserts for Tranquileyes? Would they help? Do I need to completely flush the eye at times? I figured the drops applied throughout the day would o the truck.

    Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!

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    Also, is it being too hot or too cold in the house while sleeping more likely to cause dryness and an erosion? Our bedroom stays either one way or the other at all times for some reason, so I can only choose one. I bought a humidifier but it didn't seem to help at all. I tried warm and cool mist.