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Salzmann's nodules?

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  • Salzmann's nodules?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the forum, 39 y.o. have had dry eye for 10+ years. I've been on Restasis for 5 years or so, without much improvement. I'm still struggling to find a good specialist. Most recently I've seen 3 doctors at Stanford Eye Clinic. I came in with a complaint about one of my eyes feeling sandy and gritty for days without relief. One of the doctors diagnosed me with recurring corneal abrasion. The other one said that I had Salzmann's nodules. He mentioned that they could be removed if they give me that much discomfort, but then also mentioned that it would be tricky and did not sound like he would be interested in doing the surgery. I've looked on the web, and found some sources that state that Salzmann's nodules are typically asymptomatic. I am curious if any of you had this diagnosis and if anyone went ahead with surgery.


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    My cousin has Salzmanns and also has Basement Membrane Dystrophy giving her corneal abrasions. She has elected to not have surgery. I have Basement Membrane Dystrophy ( I do not have Salzmanns) and control it with Muro 128 5% ointment at night and Muro 128 5% Opthalmic Solution as needed. Also, I use Refresh Classic tears as needed. The Mayo Clinic suggested the Muro products. They have saved my life for over 20 years!! Perfect for corneal abrasions. However, my cousin says that due to Salzmanns, the ointment stays in her eyes too long after waking up, so she does not use the ointment. I am not sure of all the ramifications of this for different people . But just wanted to share what I know ........ Continued good luck to you!! Hope you find good relief! Janie