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Recurring Corneal Abrasion and dry eyes at night. Tranquil eyes?

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  • Recurring Corneal Abrasion and dry eyes at night. Tranquil eyes?

    Hey all,

    Back in the summer I got something in my eye and it had to e debridled. Long story short it started coming open overnight especially when the old weather hit and the heat came . Apparently already have really dry eyes. I have tried overnight gels from Systane and Genteal, compresses, humidifiers, eye patches, and more. While it doesn't occur every night, it happens much more than I'd Like and I feel my cornea can't get completely healed.

    After reading here about the Transquileyes I think it might be the ticket o me. I'm tired, literally, of being scared to sleep. Will this device help e? TIA guys.


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    Tranquileyes can certainly help and many people have found night time relief using these goggles. You might also want to consider the onyx goggles. They provide a moisture chamber to protect eyes from drying out during the night.

    I recently discovered that I have a tendency to sleep with my eyes partially open. I also like to sleep on my belly. this is s disastrous combination that can lead to abrasions/erosions. I have tried taping my eyes closed with micopure tape. I find this is the most effective for keeping my eye closed. Unfortunately, my eyelids don't respond well to the tape. I have also used saran wrap over the eyes. . . I just don't like the idea of plastic by products leaching into my skin. Right now I am taping neoprene eye patches over my eyes. When I go to sleep on my belly, I put my hand between my face and the pillow. The combination seems to work well.
    I did not really find the Tanquileyes to be very comfortable. I am waiting on my order of onyx goggles.

    If you sleep on your stomach or side, you will want to be sure that you find a way to keep your eyes from rubbing into your pillow.


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      Could you link me to the onyx glasses? I definitely want o get one or the other ordered tomorrow.



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        They also make a translucent one.


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          Hopeful--how did you figure out you slept with your eyes partially open?


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            I was aware of rubbing my face in my pillow and I immediately got a scratchy sensation as the pillow rubbed my exposed eye. I used to often wake up with soreness at the outside corners of my eyes. I figured that maybe I was rubbing my eyes into my pillow other times as well. I decided to try taping my eyes closed. With my eyes taped, I stopped getting the soreness in the corners of my eyes. I also noticed that my eyes were more moist when I removed the tape. I tried this out on one eye at a time. I didn't like the idea of both eyes being taped closed and not being able to see my way to the bathroom.

            I figure if I am not getting sore spots with the eyes taped closed and the eyes also feel more moist, when taped, then I must be opening them in my sleep. Apparently, it can be common after lasik for the eyes not to close together properly.


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              Hi, Dapurplert. It sounds like everyone is giving you good advice here. Just to add something else, have you been told by your doctor that you have ABMD? If not, you may want to ask. Since the DEZ is out of Dwelle, I have been using Muro 128 5% to help with RCEs. I haven't had one in four years since I worked on the problem by getting Tranquileyes and using drops. It took about nine months of working on it, but eventually, I got them under control. As you say, it feels like the spot just never really gets a chance to heal if it occurs every couple of weeks, and according to my doctors, that is true. Staying clear for about 12 weeks is a good sign that firmer healing (at the level of the "anchor cells") is happening.

              Good luck to you. This is a rough condition, but a lot of us here are coping with it.



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                Hopeful2, can you describe how you tape your eye closed? Do you just run a piece of tape from the eyebrow, over your eye, and end on your cheek? I suspect my eyes open while I sleep, and in fact, woke up once with my eye open and pressed against my pillow, but I'm afraid to tape it closed and wake up with tape against my eye.


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                  PAllen, I use two pieces of micropore tape, about 2 inches long. I make an X with the tape, with the top of the tape just under brow bone and the bottom, about 1/2 inch over lashes. I pull the tape off from the top down, holding my lid as I pull. After several days I developed sore lids.

                  Now I just use a small neoprene single eye mask from the drug store. I use the tape to hold it over my eye. I can still open my eye under the mask, but at least it keeps the air off my eye and it forms a bit of a barrier between my eye and pillow. I also make sure that if I sleep on my tummy or side, I tuck my hand under my cheek. I am also using a pillow that is made of buckwheat hulls. I find I can mold this pillow to fit around my face and hand.

                  I never did wake up with tape on my eye


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                    Thanks for all the help guys. It looks like Tranquil Eyes is the ticket for me, but which kit should I get?

                    I haven't been diagnosed with ABMD but it is a definite possibility. I'll ask next time I see the doc.


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                      If you suspect that your eyelids need to be held closed at night, then go for the regular kit. Even the basic would be fine. Then, you have the option of using the inner foam for keeping your eyelids closed or removing it to keep moist air around your eyelids. Either way, it's the least expensive and can take care of your eyes in two different ways.

                      I have abmd, so if that is the case with you, please know that it is possible to heal up and change a couple of things, like using some drops and Tranquileyes, and maintain the healed state.

                      Good luck to you.



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                        Hey all,

                        I thought the Tranquil Eyes were working good after one opening since using them, until this morning I woke up with he mask still on and I felt the abrasion again. It is. Bit disheartening I admit. I have been leave g the foam inserts in thinking maybe my yes were staying open.... Should I try the inserts out?

                        On another note, is warm or old compress before sleeping better? What about as relief if I wake up with an abrasion and very red eyes?

                        Tia all...