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has anyone tried Immunotherapy for their allergies?

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    new update! i think the LDI is helping to improve my eyes, ( though after more reading it doesn't seem il get the full befits from them though until next year as right now im taking allergies shots for air born items that are everywhere, not really giving my immune system to settle down.) before June (after my cold ect) i had so many good eye days (late April-may) , not a cure but a good eye day for me, some of them felt like my best days considering my situation, but instead of this being rare, it was for almost a whole month, that was great, its amazing how quick you adjust when you get improvements, watching tv without moister chambers, not using oil at night, no shades the second i went outside, we even had a really windy day here in the UK and i went outside and moved some stuff in the garden (so it didn't get blown away) and only when i came in did i stop and think, wow i did that with no moister chambers and its winds of 40 miles an hour ? i couldn't even come down the stairs two years ago without the pain of that moment hitting my eyes pausing me in my tracks.! (i had improved after this point though, ive been doing a lot of things so LDI didn't take me from that, to this point, but just wanted to give some hope!) and aside from putting in drops every 3-4 hours i had no other issues (no puffiness, no massive eye fatigue, no stinging) for the majority of the day, only feeling those symptoms late evening (which i think to some degree is normal)
    then June hit, grass season. I knew this would happen, i actually put a note on my calendar to remind me. eyes puffy, dry, drops all the time blar blar blar. Now in the UK grass pollen it at its peak.
    im going to hold fire before i credit these recently improvements to the LDI, because i think there is more to consider. if this situation clears after June how ever and i go back to good days (until the next allergies season. yaye) its likely a contender. the crazy thing as i have no other symptoms of seasonal allergies, no runny noise no runny eyes, just dry eyes during the seasons and some sinus pressure (no mucus)
    People have recovered, so can we.


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      Great to hear. Also, what is LDI?


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        LDI stands for Low-dose immunotherapy. lots of information on line about that can give you information.
        People have recovered, so can we.


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          JULY UPDATE:

          So i was right! once June passed my eyes went back doing well. (drops 4-6 hours) ive been having some of the best eye days and ive been so grateful. I actually now no longer use my moister chambers unless on the computer , and get this.... i take the silicon seal out of the frames, so im just using the tinted glass.
          i dont need the seal anymore! yaye.

          a turning point was when my husband wanted the air con on, in the car a few weeks back and i reluctantly agreed (getting ready for the pain and keeping my eyes closed to avoid the wind) and it was actually ok for once. we both stopped and said, wow well this has never happends ever!

          my husband then wanted to start leaving the fan on, in our room at night (its British summer time here) and so i said, well sure we can try and so we did and it was ok. eyes ok in the morning! still didnt need oil! not like they felt great, but they where NOT stuck together and i didnt wear my eye mask ether. i really think that this would of not been possible before. im not going to lie. just the sight of a fan used to make me shudder.

          im now also eating foods that gave me bad reactions before, (peppers ect) with no bad effects (eye flares, itchy, ibs) and with this, ive now found i can eat gluten again (i didnt do LDI for this. but i think the effected of reducing inflammation over all has allowed me to cope with some other foods)

          but lets be realistic because thats what i am, and i have other chronic health issues, so im never convinced of easy fixes! and well, its its summer here. the humidity is high, more so then any other time of the year . (though, my eyes are usually worse in summer. i cant rule out this isnt a weather thing or a one off) so lets see how things continue

          im also now running out of my vaccine and have no way to get some more or retest at this point due to cost reasons, so im pretty much going to have to go approx 3-4 weeks without it very soon then start again before i can get back to London for 2 days of testing, in some ways this may be helpful to see what happends and hopefully it wont re-set everything.

          People have recovered, so can we.


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            Hi waterbee. This is great news! Thanks for the update, and hope you continue to do well.