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has anyone tried Immunotherapy for their allergies?

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  • has anyone tried Immunotherapy for their allergies?

    anyone tried Immunotherapy for their allergies?

    "immunotherapy is intended to reduce or eliminate your allergy symptoms and associated medical conditions. Immunotherapy works by desensitizing you, or recalibrating your immune system, by exposing your immune system, in a very controlled way, to slowly increasing dosages of your allergens over time. By doing this, your body learns tolerance and won’t have the same allergic inflammatory reaction upon exposure to your allergens in the future."

    im looking at trying this very soon, wondering if anyone else here has done so or thinking about it.
    People have recovered, so can we.

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    im doing it. it has a very high success rate however it takes about a year of weekly shots to see benefit for most people. it you have significant allergies, it should help.


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      I start this 3 month and keep on this but much time need to get least 2 years

      I have sinus allergy and eye allergy.i hope help me.i have dry eye and allergy both.


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        Hi Waterbee. My son has been doing the shots for 2 1/2 years. He is allergic to cats, dogs, horses, grass, dust, you name he has asthma which the allergist says is related. And of course we have cats and dogs in our house! He used to need his rescue inhaler several times a week, but now it's only a few times a month, if at all. We used to make him stay away from our animals, but now he carries them around and sometimes they sleep on his bed with him. So I think this is proof the allergy shots have been very helpful for him.


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          Thank you for your replies all! I'm feeling positive about starting my treatments next week.
          During testing (where the inject individual allergy provoking stuff) I had a very strong reaction to dog fur and dust which ion exposed to daily ( all my blood tests with NHS where negative for air born allergies too!) I had very high reaction to red bell peppers! (Which I noticed are in lots of things I wouldn't of thought of) in fact just cutting out red pepper alone (while I wait for my Vacinations to be made up over the last month) has reduced the puffiness in my eyes a lot and made them more comfortable.
          i ate out a few weeks ago at a friends and they made a casserole , not adding any peppers! After my eyes got sore, she said - I can actually see the difference! We checked the label and found red pepper in the stock! Aha! One step closer to fighting back. That was confirmation for me.
          im hoping to see some improvements in the next few years. It was pricy but worth it!
          People have recovered, so can we.


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            Hey Waterbee,

            Good luck and keep us posted! I tried Immunotherapy when I was 17. I had severe ragweed and tree allergies. It was something like 1 shot every week for several months then one shot every 2 weeks for a few more months. Allergies are kind of hard to quantify, because every season is different and they always feel awful! But I definitely noticed it helped me. I should have kept on it longer because that was ~7 years ago and this past year my allergies were the worst they've been in years. I'm considering doing it again. The only thing holding me back is the huge time commitment.

            Please let us know how it goes for you. Even if it doesn't help the dry eye, it will be great to get some relief from allergies anyways


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              Yes of course, if you like will update In a few weeks then a few months.

              I started the Vacinations today (we have to do them ourselfs at home everyday for 4 months , after which we have to retest them at the clinic to encrease the concentration in the Vacinations and continue this cycle until symptoms are gone, it's quite Taylor made there to the individual ) anyway, I started them today and with in 15 mins my eyes puffed up, in fact they are still feeling heavy and fatigued and rubbish. (More so then normal) was having a good run with my dry eye (drops every 2-3 hrs is good fir me) and now that's over. I think it might be a rough few weeks but definitely be worth it to see if this is connected and the nurse said it should settle down soon.
              One interesting conversation I had while at the clinic was a lady who had stuffy sinus issues all her life (no congestion or hay fever symptoms so her local gp told her it must of been the way she was born) anyway long story short she ignored the advice and came to the clinic privately and had the vaccines for hay fever and perfume and all her sinus issues had cleared up, she said she couldn't believe it and it's changed her life, her enthusiasm was really infectious!
              I have stuffy sinus issues since I got dry eye (the same year) so even if my dry eyes are not cleared up if they go it will be worth it.
              People have recovered, so can we.


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                Hi Waterbee. Did they tell you to take Benedryl a half hour or so prior to getting each shot? Or at worst case you can take it right after the shot. It helps reduce the allergic reaction to the shots. That's what they the doctor has my son do.