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Allergies vs other dry eye causes?

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  • Allergies vs other dry eye causes?

    Hi all,
    I recently had allergy testing and discovered that I am allergic to many things. However, my dry eyes came on after using accutane, so I'm not sure that allergies have any impact. My symptoms are dryness, burning and menthol sensation. Could allergies cause these symptoms, or are they more likely to cause other symptoms such as itchiness, watery eyes, and puffiness? Also, if allergies were a problem, would my eyes feel better after using an allergy drop like Pataday? I tried it for a few days but it doesn't seem to help.


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    hi, allergies can cause dry eye symptoms, also i used Patanol without effect, so it can be due to allergies as well. Antihistaminic new generation drops, have dual effect, so real results are seen after using them 2-3 months maybe, in my case, i didnt have any.

    To dismiss an allergy conection with your dry eyes I would suggest a detection of specific IgE in tears, if it is high, it is allergy related.


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      As I have the same experienced with the dry eye I had encountered with, it starts with the itchy feeling in my eyes, redness, and even watery. And as I have known women are more prone to dry eye than man, and symptoms are usually seen to a menopause. Then I visit my eye doctor for better treatments for this. Hope you had visited your doctor about it.
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