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Pimple inside lower eyelid

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  • Pimple inside lower eyelid

    I hope I'm on the right thread here. I have dry eyes and have been using Restatis for about 2 years now. It has helped a lot. Yesterday I noticed a sort of colorless tiny pimple in my lower eyelid. Not along the lid or eyelash line, but really inside the lower eyelid. I can only see it if I pull the lid way down. It doesn't seem to really bother me, but WHAT is it?

    Can this be a side effect of Restatis? I may have had it awhile and not noticed it before. Or it is really new. Doesn't seem to be a Stye, because it is way too far down.

    I was at the eye doctor today, but she said she doesn't know and maybe it is the beginning of an infection. That didn't help me much. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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    I believe a sty can occur in that location. I had one deep in my upper lid, far from the lid margin. Try hot packing the eye several times a day for two-three days and see if it resolves. I'm surprised your eye doctor would have no clue. If it does not go away with the hot packing in a few days, I would see an ophthalmologist.
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      A sty is actually the same thing as a pimple, so you could get one anywhere. However, there are plenty of other little bumps and things that can appear inside your eyelid. However, a good eye doctor should know what it is or at least know how to figure out what it is. I would go to another eye doctor.


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        Yes, I thought she was a good eye doctor. But in fact I haven't found a really good one around here. Doctors here thought for months that I had an eye infection but it turned out it was only really dry eyes. I kept getting antibiotic drops which in fact made it worse. I'm in Germany.Now it looks like I have an infection in the other eye (without the pimple) but I'm reluctant to take the antibiotic drops I got at the doctor's yesterday.


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          I have a couple of flat white sort of spot things in my inner eyelids too, they don't seem to go away. They're not raised though like spots are.
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            could be a chalazion:


            I had one removed when I was a kid...
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              But in the picture, it looks like it's on the outside of the lid. Mine is on the inside. Or does it start inside and protrude to the outside?


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                A chalazion is on the INSIDE of the lid and as it gets bigger, it causes a bump that's visible, and that you can feel, on the outside of the lid. It doesn't hurt, whereas a sty often does.

                That said, what you described as a colorless tiny pimple doesn't sound like a chalazion or a sty to me. I have some little tiny white bumps inside my eyelid. Dr. Latkany told me what they were but I can't remember what he called them. I think they are some sort of calcium deposit. He said they don't do any harm but if they get bigger, they can become annoying and he could remove them.

                But given that you don't know what you have, I'd really recommend that you go to an ophthalmologist who can tell you for sure what that is.


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                  Thanks very much for that information. I had also thought of calcium, because I have these deposits on the outside of the eye. The problem is, how many eye doctors do I have to visit before I find one that knows what this is? What a problem.


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                    Thanks everyone for all the help! I went to another doctor today and she said they are tiny cysts, probably from irritation (wearing contacts too long, cold weather, wind, etc.) but they are harmless and I should just watch them. Gave me some antibiotic drops to see if they will help but I should only use for a few weeks max. She said she can prick them if I want (apparently I had several, not just the one I saw) but she wouldn't do that unless they really bother me.


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                      The Truth About Those Tiny, Hard, Clear Bumps Inside the Mouth or Eyelid

                      There are a host of professional opinions about these minuscule eruptions (less than 1/16" wide), all of which link them to some kind of infection, or worse -- and all of them are wrong. The cause is benign, variable, and most likely linked to body chemistry (e.g. allergy, pH balance, etc.). If you usually get only one or two at a time, inside the mouth, eyelid, or some other area of very sensitive skin; if it doesn't hurt or itch, and lasts for only a few days, it is just a small gland that has become iritated and has filled with fluid, causing it to pop outward. Though it doesn't hurt when left alone, it's very sensitive and can cause irritation in the mouth when the tongue becomes obsessed with it and won't let it be; or when it's inside the eyelid and scrapes across the cornea with each blink.

                      The cure is amazingly simple; but one must first make sure the bumpette is tiny, hard, and clear (not white). Then, simply give it a good push and it will pop back into place.