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BlephEx! - A New Blepharitis Treatment

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  • BlephEx! - A New Blepharitis Treatment

    As a chronic blepharitis sufferer, I would give my left leg for this treatment frequently:


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    I like it..thank you for posting .I already sent it to my doctor..!!


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      I wonder if this is for both posterior and anterior blepharitis. I suffer from the posterior variety. I'm looking in IPL at the moment.

      Anyone heard of eyelid margin debridement (Don Korb) to clear the skin cells from the Meibomian gland openings?


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        Oh Hank!
        I sit here tonite with blurry vision, achey eyes after a day of A/C exposure and this looks great. How did you find it? I can't find much info on the comany and none on who might be offering this. I'm ready!!

        Patrick, I've heard of that procedure, again -don't know anyone who does it.
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          Cool. I own a rechargeable dremel . Maybe not .

          I emailed the company and asked for a list of doctors in Canada and the US who have the machine. If anyone hears sooner, please post.


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            The eyeLABS in Brampton, Ontario!

            Dr. Maharaj is a true dry eye doctor.


            Everybody should read all his blogs. They are so inspiring, and his commitment and understanding towards treating dry eye patients is outstanding and inspiring.


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              Everybody needs to watch this, including all eye care professionals.


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                E-mailed rysurg and called this a.m. I'm told I'll get a call back from someone in sales. As soon as I hear anything I'll post it.


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                  ALL FELLOW DRY EYE SUFFERS!

                  Well, I finally found a doctor who has the BlephEx device and had my procedure done. Cost me $130 and all I can say is WOW! What a difference. For the first time in a long time my eyes don't feel sticky and irritated. The procedure itself was pretty tickley, but I could tell a difference immediately afterwards. I am still using artificial tears but already less, and the doctor tells me that with regular treatments every 3-6 months, I will eventually get back my own tear production. Hallelujah!!! There is hope!


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                    How did you find the doctor? Were you able to get info from the company that makes the device?


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                      I'm interested as well. I am in the US and am wondering how you went about finding a doctor that did this treatment. Thanks


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                        Gmaestoso - can you tell us more about your condition prior to the treatment? There is no information on your profile or other postings that i can see. What was your diagnosis and how long have you suffered from dry eyes?


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                          Answers to all above questions:

                          I simply called the company and they told me which docs and where they were. I was willing to drive!

                          My condition started years ago with just feeling like something was always in my eyes, and always rubbing, but not dry. Doctors told me I had scaly eyelids. It just kept getting worse and then started getting dry about a year ago.

                          Now using less artificial tears, and eyes feeling MUCH better!
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                            Has anyone here done these treatments and if it helped?


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                              Has anyone here tried this treatment and can give insight if it helped or not?