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White bumps at eyelash bases- mgd?

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  • White bumps at eyelash bases- mgd?

    When I first got Mgd I was noticing very tiny white bumps at some of the bases of my eyelashes kinda like they were inflamed and they hurt at times. Its not styes because an eyelash is sill growing out and you have to look very close to really see them but they do hurt sometimes.
    A couple months ago I was given neo ploy dexa ointment for my Mgd and that seemed to get rid of them mostly but was very irritating to my cornea. Now I'm noticing I'm getting them again- could this be caused by the mgd?
    I do not have anterior bleph because my eyelids arn't red or flaky or anything like that and my opth didn't say I had it either. Does anyone know what these are?? I've also just got on a new lid scrub...

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    There are some glands at the base of eyelash called the Zeiss glands. They are not the meibomian glands. Bt they can get infected and they become external hordeola when they do (aka styes). Internal hordeola are infected miebomian glands. Both oil glands but slightly different locations.

    I really cant tell from your description but I have a feeling that yes that is Mgd... You can look up Meibomian gland capping in google to see if it looks the same.


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      Post some pictures?


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        I found this pic of meibomian gland capping that looks like white pimples...

        Is this what yours looks like?


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          I have a few little bumps on my eyes and I have been told I have meibomian glad dysfuction. A whole bunch of pics of me can be found here:

          For the record, I really have no idea what these bumps are, but assuming I do in fact have MGD, they're probably related.

          The best pictures to see them are when my eyes are closed (or at least as close to closed that my eyes get hehe).


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            Nice pics tank... Look a LOT like my eyelids. I'm going to have to send you a pm to let you know my experience


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              Thanks soo much for your responses! @Tankie, your pictures were extremely helpful!!! I'm pretty sure that I have that as well on my eyelids. However, I noticed when you lifted your lower eyelid it was extremely pink like mine, however, on some parts of the conjunctiva I also have red vertical lines on the under eyelid as well and I thought that had to do with mgd...does anyone know what they are?? are the ore opened or clogged up glands.??? thank you!!


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                I think the red vertical lines on inside of eyelid are the MG duct lines. It is the channel through which the oil travels to get to the surface of the eye lid. Someone can please correct me if I have misrepresented the purpose of the red vertical lines.