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  • Little clear bumps

    I have noticed the clear fluid filled bumps on my eyelid margins for a few years before developing DES, does the presence of these bumps tend to go along with MGD? I still haven't gotten a dx, and can't get any answers. I notice when I pop them I will usually get some mucus strands in my eye. Would like to at least be treating my DES correctly.

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    Do they look like this?

    If so, those are hordolea (singular is hordoleum). They are blocked meibomian glands maybe with bacteria in them.

    The mucus is a response to the bacterial swimming on your ocular surface.

    To me this means you definitely have MGD. Edit: well actually I agree with indrep below. This doesnt mean mgd necessarily. Yes I think anyone can get these mgd or not
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      Mawsky, typically MGD is diagnosed when the lid margin "bumps" are white. This indicates the meibomian glands are clogged with poor quality secretions or fibrosis has taken place due to lack of secretions. A proper diagnosis can only be made by a physician who is observing the signs and taken a thorough medical history. There could be any number of systemic issues contributing to a situation. I hope you have good experience with an eye care provider soon.


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        Only this week,on 2 seperate days i found for the 1st time, one of these Hordolea (as pic) on lower eyelid.
        The first one went overnight, the 2nd took slightly longer, not quite 2 days. I could not show them to my new opthamolagist as it went on it's own accord 24hrs to soon, however he found a 3rd i did not know about in upper lid.
        When i reported/described them, he replied anyone can get them, and the 3x opthamolagists ive seen all confirm my Blepharitis has cleared up and NO i dont need to perform lid scrubs.
        I have never had the White raised nodules, only the Clear bubble. Does this indicate an ongoing M.G.D ?? And would you over rule the Opthamolagists, as what harm can continuing lid-scrubs do?.. once,twice, three times a day?? dont know what to do for the best?..


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          Hi, yes they look exactly like that, some have been whiter maybe, but most are clear, sometimes it will feel like something is in my eye, when the bump rubs, but I just pop them, usually by running my fingernail over them, not roughly, they ususaly just pop, Along the like of lid scrub/cleaning has anyone used the sterilid??? Its made by Theratears, I found it irritated the skin around my eyes, kinda stung, but didn't seem to cause any problems in my eyes, I know that my skin around my eyes had gotten rash like and almost burned looking at times, I don't know if its just from the drops, causing a chapping, or something else. I think I'll keep using it for awhile and see if it helps.


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            We are dealing with this paediatric. Warm clean water steamy flannel compress in bath or shower, tiny amount of very dilute baby shampoo in water if you want it, no sting, no pH interference on eye surface, lid margins or surrounding delicate skin. Very gentle massage equivalent to normal eye rub with fist. Lovely gland expression, lid margins nice and clean. Blocked glands will clear. Gently - no fingernail, no harsh rubbing! If you feel you need it, gently pinch the skin below lashes for lower, eyelid for upper, to examine meibom dotted along lid line and get things moving.
            Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere


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              Hello I haven't posted in about a year but I've been on this site for a very long time and just wanted to let you know I get those all the time and pop them or scratch them off. I have been suffering from mucous eye strings for years going on 8 or 9 years now it's awful and I have severe lattice degeneration, severe dry eye and MGD. I've tried everything and nothing seems to work so I have just been using Muro 128 and preservative free eye drops. Hope you get better. Delilah