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Training yourself to blink correctly

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  • Training yourself to blink correctly

    Hello all,

    I was told that I have a partial blink, and that I tend to flutter my eyelids rather than have a full close, leaving the lower portion of my eye exposed.

    This rings true, since many times when I look in the mirror, the upper part of my eye is perly white, while the lower half is pinkish.

    I read here ( that you can train yourself to have complete blinks, so that you do this automatically.

    Does this sound possible or a waste of time?

    Anyone have this problem?

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    Yes you can, I had to do this myself many years ago. I actually have no eyelid muscles. I don't know an easy way, it took me forever to do it without thinking about it constantly. The docs I have spoken to over the years have all said not a lot of people could do this. I could not stand the dry eye pain so I was very adament about doing it.


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      What is the technique you used to resolve the incomplete or lack of blinking ?


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        I know this is an Old Post that I too was told that I did not blink completely don't know why now I've been on lots of different drugs that affect the neurological system. So how do you train your eyes to Blink fully every time unless you forcefully to squeeze your eyes together obviously


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          It does involve forcefully squeezing your eyes together, with the help of a timer or your iPhone. And hopefully after awhile, it will get to be a habit. There are different blinking exercises, but I use one similar to this:

          Also Rebecca has these blink reminders in the Dry Eye Zone to put on the computer: