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Training yourself to blink correctly

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  • Training yourself to blink correctly

    Hello all,

    I was told that I have a partial blink, and that I tend to flutter my eyelids rather than have a full close, leaving the lower portion of my eye exposed.

    This rings true, since many times when I look in the mirror, the upper part of my eye is perly white, while the lower half is pinkish.

    I read here ( that you can train yourself to have complete blinks, so that you do this automatically.

    Does this sound possible or a waste of time?

    Anyone have this problem?

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    Yes you can, I had to do this myself many years ago. I actually have no eyelid muscles. I don't know an easy way, it took me forever to do it without thinking about it constantly. The docs I have spoken to over the years have all said not a lot of people could do this. I could not stand the dry eye pain so I was very adament about doing it.


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      What is the technique you used to resolve the incomplete or lack of blinking ?