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hormones -testost or progesterone for eyes?

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  • hormones -testost or progesterone for eyes?

    i was curious if anyone has taken progesterone and testosterone for a hormone imbalance and if so -if it helped with the dryness of your eyes??

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    i have been taking bio identical hormones

    Through a compound pharmacy. I take both progesterone and estrogen ...the wiley protocol I was having some peri menopausal issues with the dry eyes. I was hoping this would help. It did help the menopause symptoms...but not the dry eye unfortunately I also take50 mg DHEA a day. Still no change in my eyes!


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      Thank you Regina for replying.. My obgyn wants me to try them but i dont have any bad effects from not having a cycle.. do you have any other side effects from the hormones?? if you want message me privately..i really really appreciate it... sorry it doesn't help your eyes.. that was the only reason I am considering it...
      thanks again


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        hormone replacement and dry eyes

        I started using progesterone and testosterone topical creams about 6 weeks ago. I also started oral DHEA and cortisol. I started taking them after I had my hormones checked (which I did because I was wondering if hormone imbalance was the cause of my dry eyes). Last month my eyes felt better for a while, I think. I feel better in general, though, which makes it easier to cope with the pain from dry eyes. By the way, I've recently noticed that my eyes feel better in the cold. I went for an hour long walk last week in 30 degree weather, and didn't use eye drops once. The minute I got inside, I used them. BTW, I wear Boston scleral lenses just in case you were wondering how I could walk outside for an hour. Has anyone else experienced this?


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          thanks for the responses... i am scared to try anything..esp since my 'hormonal imbalances' aren't bothering me whatsover...! i just want my eyes to make more everybody else on here.