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Nerve regeneration after lasik

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    Clair28 You might consider travelling to Boston and see Dr Pedram Hamrah, who has done a lot of research on Corneal Neuralgia. Do give me update about scrambler therapy and transcaranial magnetic stimulation. I did manage speak to the personal assistant of Dr. Pedram Hamrah and he told me that Dr Hamrah has been referring patients for this therapy. If it is something that will help patients like us, I can think of travelling to US as well


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      Originally posted by Neerav1989 View Post

      Its great to here that you have steadily improved. I just need to know for how long you used 100% serum and how many times per day ?
      I used them 4 times daily, but don't remember exactly how long I did it for right now - I'd have to look back through my records, but I definitely used them for longer than a year - and if I weren't traveling fulltime now, I'd still be using them (the only reason I quit is because it was impractical to travel with a 10 month supply at a time).

      Originally posted by Neerav1989 View Post
      Do you think this condition can improve ? I mean if there is abnormal nerve regeneration, is it possible to reverse it and make nerves grow normally. Because I see on this site that Buntbean has been suffering from this for a very long time. Thanks
      I don't like to get my hopes up only to have them dashed... so I limit how hopeful I'm willing to be. That means I assume this will be a long-term condition and that I'll spend my life managing it.


      Logic would dictate that medicine will advance in my lifetime - so if I can find ways to cope now, it should get easier with time as available treatments improve.

      And worst case if it doesn't for some reason, if I can cope now as I am now, then surely I can continue to do so, right? It's just a matter of learning to cope with how things are now, making the best of things etc.

      ****ALSO...My issues started in 2005 when I had LASIK, was bad but manageable for years, then in 2009 my eyes crashed and went to totally to hell - it was a very rough time (couldn't watch TV, couldn't keep my eyes open for the whole day because they hurt so much, spent several hours a day with cool compresses over closed eyes to cool the burning, stopped wearing makeup because it added to the irritation, started wearing moisture chamber glasses all the time, couldn't even WORK which was scary for me too) . Over the next 2 years or so (don't remember exact timeframe, so that's a quick estimate), I slowly improved - and now, I'm doing the best compared to any other time since I had LASIK (the high humidity environment is a huge part of that). So it's definitely possible to claw one's way back from dry eye hell - the key is to be patient, and be glad for any and all improvements as you notice them, no matter how small.

      Originally posted by Clair28 View Post
      SAAG Thank you for taking the time to reply. I try to be as positive as I can but the whole situation is just so unbelievably shitty it gets hard sometimes.
      I have the same question as Neerav1989 . If the nerves have grown back but grown back wrong, can they be fixed to grow back normally?
      As far as I know, they don't know how to fix them if they grow back wrong. But I haven't done any research on this since I didn't have to once I found out mine regrew properly. So it's worth looking into, and even if you turn up nothing, keep looking because things could change.

      Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
      Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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        Neerav1989 Yeah I am keeping Boston in mind. I would want to write to one of them first. I asked about that scrambler therapy but i don't think the doctors I see are knowledgeable enough about it. I am trying to see a corneal neurologist but he is not available for a few months. I will be trying the Prokera June 1st so ill let you know how that goes


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          Neerav1989 Do you know Dr. Hamrahs email address?


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            Clair28 The email address is
            Do give me an update if you get to know something about scrambler therapy and transcaranial magnetic stimulation ? I am willing to travel to US if these therapies can be helpful.


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              Thank you. Well the nurse from the neurologist called me today and said the doctor wont take me. he doesn't deal with what we need. So I'm kind of at a loss right now of where else to go besides my ophthalmologist and a primary care doctor. Why don't you want to see Dr. Hamrah for the therapy? or are you just trying to get a second opinion?


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                Clair28 I do want to see Dr Hamrah but unfortunately I live in India. Travelling to US and consulting Dr Hamrah involved a lot of cost. and there is no point spending so much money and come back with nothing. I mean to say we don't know if scrambler will be helpful to patients like us. But if I were living in US like you, I would definitely book an appointment with Dr. Hamrah as he has seen so many corneal neuralgia patients. He could be of help to us.