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I think MIRAPEX is causing my dry eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I think MIRAPEX is causing my dry eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I accidentally discovered (by not taking my Mirapex the other night, then waking up 3 hours later without my eyes stuck shut) that I think a rare side effect from Mirapex has been causing my problem all along!

    Anyone else on Mirapex? I'm on it for severe Restless Legs Syndrome. Now trying a different medication for that and my doctor is experimenting with the dose. Will keep you posted.

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    wow. i almost thought i posted this... i was taking miralax since sept and stopped about 1 week ago..while i still have major ups and downs (sjogrens) my eyes are still very dry-i dont wake up through the night putting drops in.. so yes for me the miralax made my eyes worse i believe.. i now upped my magnesium citrate to 800mg and it seems to work


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      Wow! Thanks for the tip on magnesium citrate. I am going to try that.

      Were you taking Mirapex for RLS? I was, and now my doctor and I are trying to figure out what I can take!



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        i read your post wrong-so sorry. i thought it said MIRALAX.... but as for as RLS-i have it a little and magnesium supplements help so much with that... you may want to give it a try..


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          Oh!! Thanks for the information and the tip